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#Project:WriteFaster -- 6 months of projects coming from the #HWMiC

Posted On Friday, February 22, 2019

#VIPhase2 boasts AT LEAST 6 titles to be produced over the next two years.  A crazy undertaking for a creator-owned imprint...well, at least one NOT funded by Netflix (yet!), but still one I'm dedicated to maintaining.  Starting in January, I put myself on a strict schedule of finishing a NEW script every TWO WEEKS.  So far, we've maintained the flow and it's been enlightening to see what level of productivity I can consistently put out with it.  Admittedly, to stay sharp (and interested), I'm bouncing around these projects, so this isn't a set order of production -- but it does give you a little peek at what we're aiming to finish over the next few months!

Are you ready for more V:IP??  Yeah...we KNOW you are!

On the Horizon #2...

Posted On Thursday, February 21, 2019

   Geez -- with so much going on (earlier this month we launched a 5wk U Cre-8 Comics School course AND a highly successful Kickstarter), I literally STRUGGLED to complete this newest issue!  But I'm more than happy to say that it is HERE and ready for your eager reading!  

On the Horizon #2 - "Love"
Featuring: Origins Unknown: Breaking the Habit/ The Trouble w/Love 9-16
First look at Never Too Late
Back to the Well: A diary of ambition
#ProjectWriteFaster Checklist
And more...!

10 Schools. 2000 Students. But we're just getting started...

There was a stutter at the beginning, but on Feb. 8th, my BIGGEST move towards inspiring the next generation of comic creators began!  Thru the popular crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, I launched "#EmpowerLearning with U Cre-8 Comics", an exciting campaign that will bring U Cre-8 Comics to schools in my hometown of Central Ohio.

We started off with an initial goal of $250 -- funding one school, upto 200 students!  But through TREMENDOUS support of pledges and shares -- we not only hit that goal in a mere two hours after launching, we're sitting at over 1000% FUNDED -- TEN SCHOOLS AND TWO THOUSAND STUDENTS -- with more than two weeks left in the campaign!!!

Every $250 raised unlocks another school and EMPOWERS another 200 students.  So, PLEASE, keep supporting; keep spreading the word, and if you can PLEDGE!  We want our impact to be FELT!

#PledgeIFYouCan #LikeAndShareBECAUSEYouCan
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