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Posted On Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wait, what day is it?  The 17th -- ALREADY?!  Oh man -- it's almost like the New Year flew right by me!  But with good reason -- we've been killin' it lately!  2013 is going to be the breakout year for V:IP -- note, I didn't say I "hope" it will be, there's far more purpose and drive involved here.  Given a little astrological push (check the Aries horoscope on, I've decided to come out the gate bucking and it's already paying out dividends -- and you know what…(come in close)…I'm not stopping anytime soon.

Let's look at what's on deck -- as always, 8 bits are at the forefront!  We've had a successful launch through our Etsy store of the VIP52 (graciously coined by Danny Cooper from Mutant Cactus) where EVERY WEEK, we'll release a new piece from our collection for sale as an 11x17" print!
        So far we've had:
        Week 1 - Gothamites -- A collection of characters from the Batman franchise
        Week 2 - Powerpuff Girls -- Love these pint-sized heroines and their nemesis Mojo Jojo!
        Week 3 - Kaneda (Akira) -- One of the most iconic motorcycles in the world rendered in 8 bit goodness!

         Check our Etsy store every Wednesday for the newest addition!

I've been itching to do something epic and I don't know ANYTHING that rates as high as the Crisis on Infinite Earths cover by George Perez and Alex Ross -- so as SUPER CHALLENGE, I've decided to attempt my own rendition of that 500+ character behemoth.  Don't look for it to be done anytime "soon," but I'm definitely putting some work in on it and when I'm done, I'll have prints available ASAP!

So late in the month means that February is just around the corner and that means Valentines Day!  The celebrate, I've done a NEW VOLUME of Valentine Cards, featuring 12 paired 8 bit couples from my collection!  I'll have pricing info available by the end of next week!

I also think I'm going to start doing a weekly 8 bit piece -- just one more thing to keep you coming back week after week!  I'd like a bit more fan-participation, so I may make this into a weekly competition -- throw out a suggestion and if I choose yours, you'll get a free print of that design…yeah -- that sounds like fun!

On the books side, Wednesday saw the digital release of The Samaritan #5, our first publication in 2013.  This is sort of a pivotal issue that aims to answer A LOT of questions drummed up so far in the series.  I'm starting to get that anxious feeling because that leaves only TWO issues left of this first volume and I don't know what I'll do when I don't have any more Smith or Ren's artwork to look forward to…yeah right -- I'll just write some more!  Available at and, I've already gotten some GREAT feedback from it -- if you've got a Kindle or eReader, you definitely want to pick that one up! 

There's more on way, but I'll break it up for a later post!  Make you stay up on what V:IP is doing in 2013 -- we'll be a memory you'll wish you had!

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