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Never Too Late Books 1 & 2 -- AVAILABLE NOW!!!

So here's what the plan was: We were going to start off strong with a Kickstarter campaign, to OFFICIALLY publish Never Too Late Book 2.  Supporters of the V:IPhase 2-in-ONE campaign were already gifted a copy, as a thanks for their patience after the longer-than-anticipated wait of their rewards.  But, unfortunately, it took a little longer for Kickstarter to approve the campaign, which meant that we missed our target launch date of 1/12/22.  So, instead of rushing forward trying to make the campaign work anyway, I thought now is a great time to explore what I've learn about launching Kickstarters and use those lessons to market my projects on a regular basis. To that effect, I share this teaser video for Never Too Late:   Viewed more than a 100+ times over three platforms (not huge numbers, but a good barometer for critique), we've had more than a few folks reach out with praise and encouragement to see more of these for the rest of our catalogue! We're especially ple

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