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The Next BIG Thing...!

Here at Vantage:Inhouse, I'm ALWAYS trying to figure out new ways of production and distribution to build the next generation of comic book readers and makers.  And recently, I stumbled upon a new idea that I think will revolutionize the biz, particularly for the all-ages market! I've made it no secret that I live in an "Geek Desert."  Despite the six or so comic book specialty retail shops in my hometown (Columbus, OH), virtually none of them are located on the southside of the city, leaving a VAST population of potential fans out in the cold.  I'm CERTAIN that comic readers are hidden within, but to do my due diligence as a businessman, I want to seed interest and test those waters before investing heavily in an event or location.  And the answer is a simple return to a old an idea, just refined for new audience. Let's talk trading cards!  At any given time, we've all been a fan of them, right?  Collecting them, trading them, always on the prowl for that

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