Home to the most thought-provoking and engaging properties to come out of the small press.


Vantage:Inhouse Productions is the creator-owned imprint of Victor Dandridge.  Launched in 2011, V:IP has published some of the most thought provoking and engaging properties to come out of the small press, including critically acclaimed comic book series The Samaritan, Origins Unknown  and The Trouble w/Love, as well as the novella series, 8 Mins.

In addition to entertaining, Vantage:Inhouse aims to encourage and inspire future creators through its U Cre-8 Comics brand, an education-based line of products and programming designed to bridge comics with classroom fundamentals.

With so many projects in the works, V:IP will continue to be one of the leading voices in small-press publishing and MORE!!

Writer of The Samaritan, The Trouble w/Love, Origins Unknown and the all-ages friendly Wonder Care Presents: The Kinder Guardians, Victor Dandridge is a leading, new voice for innovation and production within the self-publishing market.  An award nominated author,
he's found acclaim with his own imprint, Vantage:Inhouse Productions, spearheading the release of more than 10 projects, both in print and digital formats, in it's first 5 years of publication.  Wanting not only to entertain, but also to educate, Victor launched his U Cre-8 Comics line -- a unique bridge between comics and classroom fundamentals -- as a way to give back to comics and inspire new generations of creators.

Are you a fan of our books/ projects?  A fellow creator or up-and-comer looking for ideas?  Maybe you're a reviewer, editor or critic -- either way, WE WANNA HEAR FROM YOU!!!  Feel free to talk to us a comic convention or community event or reach out through one of the channels below!

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