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Starting off right...(Guess who's back!)

Posted On Monday, January 7, 2019

You hate me.  Or at least, you should.  It's been a full year since I've graced the page and that's year you've been without my particular brand of comic book goodness.  That's my bad -- if you follow my other forms of social media (and you should!), you'll know that I was certainly in the mix of things: a quick career as the Artist Alley Guest Coordinator for Wizard World Comic Con, moderating panels for some of the BIGGEST stars in geekdom (like David Tennant, Winston Duke, and of course, Sebastian Stan), a refocus on our amazing (and expanding) U Cre-8 Comics line -- seriously, we're about to do some HUGE things with that brand this year; and a bit more love towards our GEEKing clothing line.

But what was missing was a focus on being a writer/publisher.  My absence in that arena was even greater than from this page (so please don't take my neglect personally).  I needed to get the juices flowing, creatively again.  And now, I'm back -- with brand new aspirations and brand new tactics!  And here is the first step: On the Horizon #1, our brand-centric magazine has returned, with a dedicated format that mixes the top opportunities of tech and outreach.  So, with no further ado, enjoy what Vantage:Inhouse has in store for 2019!


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