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Wizard World Madison is THIS WEEKEND!

Posted On Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wizard World Madison: 9/22-24/2017
Alliant Energy Center
1919 Alliant Energy Center Way
Madison, WI 53713

Panel Schedule


Writer's Room Confessions 6:30-7:15pm Mendota 6 - Are you a burgeoning writer?  Are you curious what the process and lifestyle of a published author is like?  In this intimate session, writers of various mediums -- from comics to prose -- discuss their quirks and quips about writing.  Hosted by self-publishing comic creator Victor Dandridge and featuring Lani SaremJM Hunter and more creative voices!


Only Sheep Eat Rotten Tomatoes 11-11:45am Mendota 3 - BEHOLD sweet children — you’re being led astray!! Critics have roasted and lampooned the DC cinematic universe, leaving a ROTTEN taste in the mouths of fans. But self-publishing comic writer Victor Dandridge and his team of SUPER-FRIENDS, will reveal how Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad are the foundations of possibly the greatest franchise in cinematic history!

'Nuff Said: A CONversation with Stan "The Man" Lee 1-1:45pm Ballroom - Face front, true believers! It’s Stan “The Man” Lee, legendary creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Hulk, The X-Men and many more of your Marvel Comics favorites, here to answer your questions. Excelsior!

How to Build a Geek Brand 1:30-2:15pm Mendota 3 - Do you have a big idea that could change the pop culture world but don’t know what to do next? Feeling stagnant in your brand and want to turn it into a career? Started your business but struggling to take it to the next level? Industry pros will share some of their trade secrets to taking a big idea and turning it into a rewarding professional career that shapes culture. Hosted by Tony Kim (, HeroWithin).

The Lost Girls: A CONversation with Rachel Skarsten and Zoie Palmer 2:30-3:15pm Mendota 3 - The actors behind Tamsin and Dr. Lauren Lewis on the hit show “Lost Girl” are here to answer all of your questions. Fans of their respective roles on “Reign” and “Dark Matter” won’t want to miss this panel either! Moderated by Victor Dandridge Jr. (Vantage: Inhouse Productions).

Casting the Bat-Signal 4:30-5:15pm Mendota 6 - With so many iterations of the Batman having graced the big screen, we're bringing in our Bat-Experts to give their DREAM CAST for making The Dark Knight shine!!  Featuring the collective minds of Victor Dandridge and his infamous Rogues Gallery!

Wizard World Costume Contest 7-9pm Ballroom - Hosted by our very own superheroes Victor Dandridge and SUPERKAYCE, the Wizard World Comic Con Costume Contest is no joke. The best of the best will be dressed to impress in their superhero & pop culture finest, so be prepared for some serious cosplay. Grab your buddies and suit up to take a chance at bringing home the gold! Categories include Best in Show, Best Male/Female Heroes, Best Male/Female Villains, Best Group and Best Anime (Prize Package Sponsored by!

Batman TAS at 25 12-12:45pm Mendota 6 - Batman: The Animated Series debuted on September 5, 1992—and changed everyone’s expectations of superhero cartoons. The show’s look and feel and its dramatic sensibilities were like nothing seen before. And of course, it’s the series where Harley Quinn was introduced to the world! Join comics and animation experts including Jens Robinson (son of Joker creator Jerry Robinson), historian Maggie Thompson (Comic Buyers Guide), animator Tom Cook (who worked on animated Batman in the Superfriends series), comics historian Danny Fingeroth (Superman on the Couch) and Bat-fan supreme Victor Dandridge (Vantage: Inhouse Productions) as they discuss what made this series—and the characters it spawned—so cool!

V:IPs of Self-Publishing 2-2:45pm Mendota 6 - Self-publishing creator Victor Dandridge heads a forum-style discussion on the practices of self-publishing comic books. Guided with his own years of experience as both a comic book fan and creator, Victor aims to lead this discussion, interacting with the attending audience, to share ideas for comic book production, marketing, and distribution.

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