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WW Sac ReCap!!! Part Three

Posted On Monday, June 26, 2017

Our final post may have been a long time coming -- sorry to leave you in suspence, but we've got SO MUCH cooking on the publishing side of V:IP that I'm SURE will make up for it.  But at any rate, lets hope back in the time machine to a little more than a week ago and wrap up coverage for Wizard World Sac!

The ballroom was absolutely electric with fans of the CW hit series, The 100, eager to hear behind-the-scenes stories from star, Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin on the show).  Going into it's fifth season with a time jump (a welcome plot twist to Taylor, who thinks she's weaning in her ability to play a teenaged heroine), it inspired loads of questions and comments, ranging from gushing fan accolades to intrigue about her characters openness as bisexual (making her the first openly bisexual lead character in a series).  Eliza was warm and engaging, offsetting her nervousness of going solo (co-star, Bob Worley had to cancel his appearance) by having her brother Patrick join us on stage!  Even though I'm a novice to the series, her charm and generosity to her fans has made me an INSTANT fan of hers and I hope to run into her again soon!

If you weren't there, fear not -- thanks to Grounder's Source, you can see the entire panel here:

Best in Show Winners!
The McVengers were a crowd fave!
We closed out the night with the WORLD FAMOUS WIZARD WORLD COSTUME CONTEST!  The amount of talent that fans are showcasing in the world of cosplay is simply phenomenal!  A big shout out to my lovely co-host, Britt Bliss for helping me bring out the contestants and the combined skills of superstars Super Kayce, Ivy Doom Kitty, and The Maid of Might for selecting the winners!!


A hallmark of the Kid's Day programming, the U Cre-8 Comics Presents: Character Crafter is a surefire hit amongst content conscious parents AND up-and-coming creators, alike!  Obviously, if you've done the panel, you KNOW I have loads of fun, but the BEST part is the exploration and explanation of creative tropes and watching that creative bug spark new outcomes.  If you ARE a burgeoning creator who hasn't taken part, look for it at a show near you OR visit to see what products we offer.

My final panel of the show was with the Queen of Horror, Adrienne Barbeau!  Truly a queen of geek culture, the star of cult classics like Maude, Escape from New York, and SO MUCH more, Adrienne brought so much backstory to some of her pivotal roles. (Didja know that her death in Escape was brought on by the intrigue from a young JJ Abrams??)
 With a career spanning more than thirty years, and romances with some of Hollywood's elite, Adrienne's candor was both colorful and enlightening.  There's no doubt that she's earned every ounce of acclaim she's attributed and as a native of Sacramento (well...she was born there!), I'm sure she's done her city proud!

And that's it for Wizard World Sacramento!  Thanks to Wizard World for having us out there and to all of you, the fans, for making the show a success!  Till next time...!

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Bonus:  I admit, I've got an innate cool, even in the presence of beautiful celebs and cultural icons.  But a chance encounter at the airport, with THE Dr. Cornel West, invoked one of my BIGGEST geek-out moments.  Graciously, he was willing to take a quick selfie as we made our way out of the security check-in and was humbly receptive of a gift copy of The Samaritan!

If you're unfamiliar with his name, creative works, or showcases in philosophy and social economics, peruse and be enlightened:

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