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WW SAC ReCap! Part One

Posted On Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jet lag be damned!  I've got a ton of cool things to share about the 2017 Wizard World Sacramento show, and though my internal clock is spinning out of control (possibly in the wrong direction?!), I just had to pull myself outta my stupor to share the goings on from the weekend.

Without further ado...

We started off the flight with my usual wing check -- a long running joke at this point, but it's become almost a ritual to insure a good flight!  *Also didn't hurt that I had an airport buddy in Juliette Terzieff (genuinely, one of the coolest persons EVER, but you may know her as Michael Rooker's handler at comic cons!).

The con started off with my Unbreakable Skin: How to Critique Creations of Color WITHOUT Sounding...You Know... panel.  With diversity being such a hot-button issue, and following on the heels of releases for Wonder Woman (film) and Black Panther (teaser trailer), it's important to gain the confidence to speak on the merit of these works as art.  I was joined by fellow moderator and (newly minted) clothing designer, Tony Kim, whose work thru Hero Within definitely has him navigating the world of diverse content and aesthetics (his Wonder Woman jean jacket -- for MEN -- has brought a myriad of criticisms to fore).  I really need to explore my formatting with this more and see how I can make it just a bit more polished, because the content and potential draw for other panelists to take part is SOOOOOO ripe!  Having Tony on board, certainly let me see where I might want to beef up the structure of the conversation (Thanks Tony!!!).

Next up was the Creating Comics 101 panel -- a new, original content piece, inspired by my upcoming book, Panels to Pages (COMING SOON!!), my goal with this panel was to create an informative showcase that really gave the overlooked/need-to-know info for how to go about creating comics.  The response to it was beyond positive and I'm gonna have a lot fun helping new creators build their acumen on comic book terms, concepts, and practices!

My final panel of the night was another new one, From Beginning to End: The Art of Plot.  I was joined by my friends, novelists M. Todd Gallowglas and Jae Xeranno.  A hybrid concept, pulling from the already popular V:IPs of Self-Publishing panel and Panels to Pages, we brought the conversation of how to define plot and it's place in the writing process to the creative stage.  The range of talent and expertise allowed for a truly honest perspective on writing, the inherent struggles and tremendous victories.  As I work to refine it even more, I hope to make it that much more helpful to burgeoning writers and established pros, alike!

The night wrapped up with a Karaoke party hosted by Nicholas Brendon (Xander Harris on Buffy the Vampire Slayer).  There was singing...there was dancing...and a hilarious duet with Nicky and Thomas Ian Nicholas (Rookie of the Year; American Pie) which you can check out below:

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