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Invincible: A Hard Impression pt. 3

Posted On Thursday, February 2, 2017

It was 2008.  My work on Hotshot had built a little bit of a local following, earning Mike and I the title of "Masters of Self-Promotion"!  But inside, I couldn't deny the nagging sting that I wasn't pushing myself hard enough.  I had plenty of ideas of what I should be doing in the comic industry, but hadn't quite mustered the salt to get off my bum to launch.

And then Kirkman dropped this:

It was a manifesto.  An anthem.  A call to arms.  It was everything I had believed was true about my own path in comics, affirmed by one of the industry's best and brightest.  Sure, it sparked a debate or few, and received PLENTY of push back from other notables in the biz who felt that Robert's words were a little lacking in their breadth of reality (this path may work once or twice, but it's not for EVERYONE).  But to me, it was utter truth.

In only 9 mins, Robert summed up what I had felt my entire career.  His words not only spoke to me, he was talking TO ME...well, not personally, but he was saying everything I, personally, needed to hear.

It took about another year and a half for me to show, not only myself, but my fellow creators and the world at large, just how serious of a note that video had rung for me.  In October of 2010, just a few weeks ahead from the premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC, I left my cushy state job to jump into making comics full time, with Vantage:Inhouse Productions.

Venturing into the unknown of being a publisher and fending for myself on the comic stage was a life changer.  I've had my successes and I've definitely had my failings, but the freedom to create has been everything I've wanted it to be, without end.  And I've still carry that inspiration with me in everything I do.


A Superman-archetype for a father.  An empowered son, standing in his father's shadow.  Love.  Death.  Betrayal.  Forgiveness.  Family.  

No, I'm not (just) spitballing about Invincible again.  These are the central themes to my critically acclaimed, one shot The Trouble w/Love (w/ Harold Edge and Ryan Carter).  In it, Apex Prime, a world renowned superhero, is confronted by his son John for the infidelity that lead to end of his parents' marriage.  Born from a concept I thought up, one lazy Sunday while working retail (as well as a HARD hit of my on personal life), it didn't see print until July 2012.
But coming out in a post-Invincible world, there's an obvious comparison that I'm not only aware of, I use in my own promotions!  I love that ANYONE thinks that I'm ready for that level of critique.  It's been my goal since that first campaign and to have earned any sort of headway is a tremendous boost to writing confidence.

This summer marks five years since it's initial release and I will be celebrating by offering the first installment of the follow up "Never Too Late".  I hope ALL of you Invincible fans will give it a shot...especially Robert, Cory and Ryan.  

Thank you guys for coming with me on this little look back at a title that has truly meant the world and more to me.  It's been a wonderful nod to the past, while racing toward an incredible future.
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