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Black White & Read All Over - S4 Episode 151 "

Posted On Wednesday, February 1, 2017

So much Kirkmania (remember his website and forum...ahh, the Good Ol' Days) in this week's pile!  If you've been visiting the V:IP page lately, you know I've been feeling a bit nostalgic knowing that Invincible is coming to an end next year.  But there were a few more notable reads along the way!

The Read Pile:
Invincible #132 (Image) - R. Kirkman (w) C. Walker (a)

Darth Maul #1 (Marvel) - C. Bunn (w) L. Ross (a)

The Walking Dead #163 (Image) - R. Kirkman (w) C. Adlard (a)

Honorable mentions:
Superman #16 (DC) - P. Tomasi/ P. Gleason (w) T. Daniel (a)

Monsters Unleashed #2 (Marvel) - C. Bunn (w) G. Land (a)

And we're now available in audio only format!  Get Black White & Read on the GO with Soundcloud!

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