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Alan Tudyck STOLE My Sharpie...!

Posted On Wednesday, February 22, 2017

You'll have to forgive me.  I'm a bit jet-lagged.  My bags are still by the door, but extreme tiredness aside, I HAD to jump on and recap my past weekend at Wizard World Portland.

This was my first go in strictly a moderator/panelist capacity.  And I gotta was a little weird!!!  In the 13 yrs since I've first sat behind a con table, I've only attended a handful of shows without having one.  I admit, I felt a little lost in the beginning...but, once my panels started up -- it was a HARDCORE grind that kept me happily busy throughout the weekend!

V:IPs of Self-Publishing -- I was joined by the creators of indie pulp comic, Johnny Scotch, John Dover (w) & Dan Schaefer (a), and Jae Xerrano,  a local author who was premiering his first novel, Comedic Divinity: Fateless.  Usually a solo panel, it was a welcome change to have specific creators to bounce ideas off of.

UnBreakable Skin -- Started off the day with a polite talk on critiquing work with a minority focus (feat. predominantly minority characters or creators).  While a small crowd to begin with, we quickly became a cool collective of voices talking about the differences of creativity and aesthetics.

Alan Tudyck -- He stole my sharpie.  No seriously!  An amazing and energetic guest, Alan was charming and cool, bringing up hopeful fans to ask their questions from the stage -- almost single-handedly negating my sole purpose for being on stage with him!  Winning an item from his "Bag of...we'll say SHENANIGANS", he signed each one, sending those fans home with a keepsake of their moment with him.  And he did it with my Sharpie...and never gave it back.  LOL.

Ooooh...that Alan.

Rob Minkoff -- Sitting down with The Lion King director was truly an amazing moment -- I mean, it's arguably my FAVORITE Disney flick of all time!!!  Getting some behind the scenes insights was phenomenal, but my champion moment was stunning the pop-culturally savvy Minkoff on his (apparently coincidental) recasting of the royal couple from Coming to America (with James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair as Mufasa and Sarabi, respectively).

John Barrowman -- I only got to intro the fan-favorite showman to the stage.  And after a rousing debut that brought the room to their feet, I got told to "F**k off."  Don't worry -- I've been assured that's a sign of affection from him!  LOL

U Cre-8 Comics -- NOTHING is better than igniting the fires of inspiration in others.  Kicking off the last day of the con with my U Cre-8 panel is a surefire hit (see what I did there??)!  We geeked, we laughed -- but most importantly, WE CRE-8ED!

Sons of Anarchy -- The cut of SAMCRO brought show favorites, Theo Rossi (Juice) and Ryan Hurst (Opie) to Portland, sharing their memories and stories from the series.  After binging (okay...GORGING) on ALL SEVEN seasons in the span of a week, I was still emotionally raw, but absolutely stoked to be a part of it.  Having met and moderated for Theo (WW NOLA), I knew to expect his thoughtfulness and total admiration for his growing fanbase.  He was almost the perfect straight-man against Ryan's "chillaxed," funny-guy attitude!  Both were tremendous and it made for an immediate highlight of my weekend.

Batman TAS -- Kevin (EXPLETIVE) Conroy and Loren (EXPLETIVE) Lester!!!  BATMAN AND ROBIN -- literal pillars to the foundations of modern geekdom.  If you weren't in the room, there are no words to describe it well enough so that you'd know -- TRULY KNOW -- what you missed out on.

Barry Bostwick -- One of the first celebs I've befriended on the con circuit, Barry has been one of the coolest guys to know.  A star of so many things, it was his turn as Brad Major in The Rocky Horror Picture Show that was the focus of discussion -- despite my best efforts to drop jewels from his acting The Land Before Time: XIV  It was an hour of laughs, snappy
wit and a love of films Barry's helped bring to life.

Overall, I had a BALL!!  I could get used to this moderating thing...could be just the move this indy comic scribe needs to kickstart the next phase of my career!


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