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BWARAO TURNS 150...(episodes)!!

Posted On Friday, January 27, 2017

Wow...One-Hundred Fifty Episodes!!!  Such a tremendous amount of geekdom and fun is at the core of why we do Black White & Read that it feels like this isn't work at all -- but to have amassed this many individual episodes isn't something I can brush under the table.  I work with some truly incredible guys, Ryan -- my super amazing co-host and Shelby, our incredibly talented producer -- and it's an absolute pleasure to bring you our spoiler free reviews every week!

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who's been on this journey with us, whether you're brand new or from day one!  And I invite you all to continue along for another 150 episodes MORE!!!  I'm gonna get back to celebrating, but I'll see you again next week!

THE READ PILE: 1/25/17
Daredevil #16 (Marvel) - C. Soule (w) G. Sudzuka (a)

Star Wars #27 (Marvel) - J. Aaron (w) S. Larroca (a)

Reborn #4 (Image) - M. Millar (w) G. Capullo (a)

Honorable Mentions:
Kamandi Challenge #1 (DC) - D. Didio/D. Abnet (w) S. Koblish/ K. Giffen/ D. Eaglesham (a)

Action Comics #972 (DC) - D. Jurgens (w) A. Thibert/ S. Segovia (a)

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