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Black White & Read All Over - Bustin' Out Hot Stuff S4 Ep149

Posted On Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My apologies for not putting up LAST WEEK'S episode, as busy as 2017 has already been, I should definitely be making sure you all know about it!  I promise to do better with that!!!

This week's #TheReadPile was glorious mix of super-heroics and storytelling.  Diving into Marvel titles, post Civil War II paid off FAR better than I was expecting.  And the scope of story from DC has me itching to go back and bone up on some titles I've skipped in the past.

"Bustin' Out Hot Stuff"
S4 Ep. 149

Vic's Picks:
Monsters Unleashed #1 (Marvel) - C. Bunn (w) S. McNiven (a)
Superman #15 (DC) - P. Tomasi/ P. Gleason (w) J. Jimenez/ D. Mahnke (a)
The Few #1 (Image) - S. Lewis (w) H. Sherman (a)

Honorable Mentions:
The Mighty Captain Marvel #1 (Marvel) - M. Stohl (w) R. Rosanas (a)
Trinity #5 (DC) - F. Manapal (w/a)

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