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On the Horizon: 2017 or Bust Part Two

Posted On Tuesday, December 27, 2016

On social media, we teased a whole #VIPhaseOut campaign a while back, but we really didn't reveal anything else about it.  With it coming time to launch, I think its time to get into just WHAT we were talking about!

Since the end of 2014, we've been pushing the #FromBitsToBooks campaign, which spearheaded the transition from our 8 Bit pixel art being the focus at shows/conventions, to strictly books.  It's been a complete blast, but after 2 years, I think it's time to switch gears (especially while NEW books are currently in production)!  So, we're taking the focus off our titles (award winners though they may be) and shifting the spotlight on our growing the U Cre-8 Comics brand!

What is U Cre-8 Comics?

U Cre-8 Comics was designed as a bridge, bringing comics books to classrooms.  Officially launched in 2011, it's offered fan favorite programming in schools and conventions across the country!  

Already, we've developed some new faces for existing products, while simultaneously working on creating new ones!  Our goal is to inspire new creators -- both young and old, to explore comic book making.  Following in the footsteps of pioneers like John Buscema, Christopher Heart, and Scott McCloud, we're adding our experience and voice to the mix of "how-to's" that will surely give PLENTY of hands on practice for anyone who takes part.

Here's a sneak of one of our newer offerings we've been toiling away at.

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