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How to: Wield an UNPOPULAR Opinion in 4 Easy Steps

Posted On Friday, December 16, 2016

I look like I know what I'm doing...right??

2016 has been an emotional year -- public opinions have churned and swayed, culminating in MILLIONS of people casting their vote in a decision that could last for generations.

No -- the Presidential Election is over and done with (well...sorta)!  I'm talking about whether or not Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was any good...or not.

And just to clear the air -- I DIDN'T.  Not all.

But I'm not here to write a shredding critique (although I could!) -- instead, I think it's more prudent to pen a "how-to" guide if you, like me, find yourself on the other side of popular opinion.


There is no rule to say you HAVE TO like something -- even something as nostalgic and pop cultural as Star Wars.  In fact, even the most fannish of fanboys (and girls -- we're all inclusive at V:IP!) can not like something without having their fandom or geek-cred challenged, diminished or the like.  So when your view of particular thing doesn't align with the greater (louder) masses, be strong in your opinion and honestly say so.  Sure, it might spark a few trollish stares (or comments if acknowledged online), but true strength in upholding your convictions -- and critiques -- no matter who's asking.

Remember, they said Vader practiced an archaic religion and it didn't stop him from force-choking ANYONE!


Everyone has an opinion, like #2 exit chutes.  But in this age, where we're fact checking tweets and rebutting Facebook posts with record speed, you've got to be ready to back up your opinion with some well-oiled facts and steel-laden proof.  Obviously, you CAN just not like something on the basis of just not liking it -- but that sort of dismissiveness may get your opinion (and your feelings) chucked aside just as easily.  If you want to be taken seriously, take the time to pin down exactly what you didn't enjoy about characters/scenes/story.  It makes it far less of a personal gripe and steps that much closer to the consideration of an enthusiast, if not even, a guru (if your nerdom calls for such).  And if you want to cement your status, offer substitutes for what coulda, shudda, woulda happened.

Be the Monday-Morning Jedi you were prophesied to be -- the future depends on it!


People feel VERY strongly about their favorite things.  Even if they didn't make the thing, liking it instills a sense of ownership that can make your closest friend get defensive when you level your criticisms like the 4 ton wrecking ball it should be.  But that's no reason to get rowdy!  Whether friend or foe, you have to remember that it's not their fault they don't agree -- they could've been raised on Jawas on Tattooine, where that sort of thing is overlooked, if not accepted.  Don't resort to name calling or any type of baggery to feel superior.  More than likely, that's what they're going to do and you've already proven you're better than them...ahem...(I mean) that.  Listen to their retorts -- they might have a point that could change your perspective...or reiterate every intolerable plot hole from the word GO!

And this a do or do not rule.  There is no TRY.


It's only a matter of time before the rest of the world comes off their nostalgia high horse and sees the movie for the horrendous affair of words and cinema you knew it to be.  Relax.  Just wait it out and you'll have proved that not only were you right all along, but you were SUPER right and should never be challenged on anything you say ever again.

Until morale changes, mandatory force chokes shall continue.  

This is a purely satirical poke.  Just's funnier that way.  :D

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