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#TheReadPile 11/9/16

Posted On Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I went VERY Bat-HEAVY this week, nabbing three titles featuring the Dark Knight!  Not really sure why I was so focused on the Caped Crusader...maybe it was the mention by Evan Peters (during his Q&A at Wizard World Pittsburgh last weekend) that he'd love to play a Bat-villain one day...hmmmm.

But even going all half-batty, there was still PLENTY to sink my teeth into!  Black, White & Read All Over goes LIVE on Weds -- but of course, if you're SUBSCRIBED, you already know that!!

Batman TMNT Adventures #1
M. Manning (w) J. Sommariva (a)
IDW/DC Comics

Invincible Iron Man #1
B. Bendis (w) S. Caselli (a)
Marvel Comics

All Star Batman #4
S. Snyder (w) J. Romita, Jr. (a)
DC Comics

Shipwreck #2
W. Ellis (w) P. Hester (a)
Aftershock Comics

Supergirl #3
S. Orlando (w) B. Ching (w)
DC Comics

Batman: Detective Comics #944
J. Tynion IV (w) E. Ferreira/ E. Barrows (a)
DC Comics

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