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#TheReadPile - 11/16/16

Posted On Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Image Comics took the lion's share of the books on #TheReadPile this week -- and as usual, each were as diverse from the others as possible, with one notable difference: they're all pretty great reads!!

2 DC's and 1 Marvel made up the rest of the bunch, which left me with a far better feeling than last week's books.  Glad I'm back on the good side of the comic book gods!!

Black Panther #8 (Marvel) T. Coates (w) C. Sprouse (a)

Superman # 11 (DC) P. Tomasi (w) P. Gleason (a)

Justice League of America #9 (DC) B. Hitch (w) N. Edwards (a)

Reborn #2 (Image) M. Millar (w) G. Capullo (a)

Kill or Be Killed # 4 (Image) E. Brubaker (w) S. Philips (a)

Invincible #131 (Image) R. Kirkman (w) R. Ottley (a)

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