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By the Numbers: The 2016 V:IP Wrap Up

Posted On Sunday, November 20, 2016

With last weekend's attendance of the Motor City Black Age Comic Con, my 2016 convention season has OFFICIALLY come to a close!  And just like last year, I want to share how V:IP did over the year.  Not only does the transparency keep me accountable for the imprint's success, but hopefully it inspires others who are looking to carve out their own path in comic book publishing.

So, how did we do...?

Total Events: 32 -- Despite venturing into previously untapped markets (this year was our first time doing shows in Peoria, IL, Sacramento, CA, and the state of Michigan, as a whole!), we actually saw a significant drop in the amount of events we took part in from last year (49).  It's easy to assume that only nabbing sixty-five percent of last year's scheduled events would seem like a misstep.  But I think the lighter schedule allowed for us put more focus on creating new content and making sure that what we've put out has gotten the maximum penetration in existing markets.

Miles Traveled: 15,730 -- Obviously, less shows means fewer miles (3,745 less, to be exact) traveled, but racking up 15K+ is far from slouchy!  

Cities/States Visited: 22/17 -- I'm STILL trying to figure out where all I went last year that I didn't this year (Ft. Lauderdale...Nashville...?)!  LOL -- with at least 5 new cities, we're still down 4 from last year's total cities and two fewer in states visited.   

But as cool as these stats are, they aren't quite the nitty-gritty of my business.  Since the #FromBitsToBooks campaign, we've been almost exclusively focused on moving our books at conventions and events, and that's my true measure for success.  So, lets see how we did there.

Books produced: 2399 (+2% from 2015)
Books sold: 2268 (-.005% from 2015)

Wait a tick...even with such a substantial drop in events, it looks like it had a NOMINAL effect on my unit sales for the year.  I actually had to produce more books, despite just coming 11 units short of total books sold in 2015!  That means, on average, my performance at events in 2016 was 66 percent BETTER than last year -- #BOOM!

Before the year's end, we've got one or two more major announcements that will set the stage for V:IP is doing in 2017!  Stay tuned and THANK YOU -- THANK YOU -- THANK YOU for all the support!

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