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#BWARAO: Double Feature Post!!!

Posted On Thursday, November 24, 2016

 As so many are settling down to gorge themselves on good food and family fun, I just wanted to share how THANKFUL I am for the amazing comic book offerings from this week's #TheReadPile!  This week leaned a bit heavy towards the works of Jason Aaron, but he's certainly a worthy writer to dote so much attention to (once again)!

And because the dinner bell is already ringing, I figure you guys wouldn't mind a double-dose, so I'm posting this week's episode of Black, White & Read All Over along with it!

Happy Thanksgiving...and save a plate for me!

#TheREADPile 11/22/16:
Civil War #7 (Marvel ) -- B. Bendis (w) D. Marquez (a)
The Goddamned #5 ((Image) -- J. Aaron (w) R.M. Guera (a)
Empress #7 (Icon/Marvel) -- M. Millar (w) S. Immonen (a)
Super Powers #1 (DC) -- A. Balthazar/ Franco (w/a)
The Mighty Thor #13 (Marvel) -- J. Aaron (w) S. Epting (a)

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