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Waste Not...Want Not.

Posted On Monday, August 29, 2016

What happens when a project goes by the wayside before the work sees publication?  It happens from time to time, in both the mainstream and indie worlds, alike.  But rather than fuss and fight over what could've been, I like to be proactive and turn even the least likely of events into a win!

Last week, I was informed that a 7pt mini-series I had written wasn't going to be completed and released.  So, I began releasing the scripts via Twitter, using the opportunity to talk about my writing process.

Check it out:

As shared over (quite) a few tweets, I was able to showcase some of my thoughts for building this particular story and how I write scripts in general.  There are many ways to do so and I try to work with what feels right to me, but hopefully sharing it helps YOU define how you'd like to structure your scripts and stories.

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