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Wonder COVERS...Homages to Some of Comics Most ICONIC Covers pt.3

Posted On Friday, July 22, 2016

Conventional wisdom says not to judge a book by its cover, but in the world of comics, covers are our first sales point to the masses!  And the construction of the Wonder Care covers has been FAR from accidental -- quite a bit of thought and consideration goes into each design and you're about to get a first look into that process.  With Wonder Care already being rooted in both childhood and comic book iconography (each of The Kinder Guardians can find its inspiration from fan-favorite characters like SupermanThe FlashBatgirlLex Luthor, and Wolverine), we thought to use that same love to mine ideas for our covers.  So, paying homage to some classics, we created these:

Beware the Kid Napper: Having already established the idea that we were using classic covers as the inspiration for our own, I absolutely KNEW what I wanted to see with the cover for issue 3 -- Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 (by George Perez)!  To be honest though, that pose/composition is such an iconic piece that I can't guarantee that CoIE was it's first iteration, just one of its most well known.  And to prove it, Justin pulled a similar reference (and ultimately the MOST influential to ours) with Uncanny X-Men #136 (by John Byrne and Terry Austin).  Pulling not only the posed figures, but also the violet-colored scheme in the background, Justin was only getting started with his references with this cover.  Knowing The Kinder Guardians were going up against their first baddie, a sleep monster named Snewz, he went into the archives of cinema, getting more ideas from the movie poster for the 1950's flick, The Monster that Challenged the World!  Marrying elements from the two, formed an amazing piece that Justin readily claims as his favorite!

Check out the cover that inspired Issue 2: What Can't Your Dad Do? 

Check out the cover that inspired Issue 4: The New Kid

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