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The BIG Reveal -- (Drumroll, please...!)

Posted On Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Over the last few days, I've shared some behind-the-scenes insights on how the covers for Wonder Care Presents: The Kinder Guardians were conceived and executed.  It was fun to retrace our creative steps and [possibly] reveal the hidden-in-plain-sight inspirations that fueled us.  But I have to be honest...that's NOT why I wanted to share those.

It's because of Justin...and how much I appreciate his talent AND patience.

Gearing up to release our fifth installment next month (premiering at Wizard World Chicago!!!), we started working, in earnest on the cover.  In this issue, The Kinder Guardians will meet a mirror-verse version of themselves, only in this case, these aren't evil dopplegangers...  Instead, this Kinder Guardians Too class are a gender-swapped, female strong, iteration (Justin playfully called them the "Gender Guardians", and I'm TOTALLY hoping that sticks!).  At any rate, knowing we're delving into the multiversal story waters, there were a few options of covers to riff.  Ultimately, we settled on this one:

In this truly CLASSIC Justice League issue, (Justice League of America #21; art by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson) we see the first meet up between the Justice League and their golden-age counterparts, the Justice Society of America.  As good as the other options were (JLA: Earth 2 was high on that list), I can't think of a more iconic cover to represent what we were after!

And here is Justin's first go at it:

It's gorgeous, I agree!  But there was an immediate reaction, when I saw it...a sense of dreaded familiarity.  No, not to the JLA cover...but to one of our own.  The background color, though almost pulled directly, was a little TOO close to the background of issue 3 (Beware the Kid Napper).  I's silly.  I'm a total narcissist when it comes to the V:IP books, always striving for THE best presentation possible, and that includes when the books are laid out together at shows.  And lining up all the WC books together, there wasn't "enough" of a color separation from the two for my liking.  So, I asked Justin for another take...perhaps something a little more indigo this time.

BOOM!  Justin didn't miss a beat:

But there still was something not quite right.  Luckily, he had also sent me the .PDF so I could play with the colors a bit myself...and this is where Justin's patience TRULY should be commended.

After getting some feedback (from my partner in life, Adri as well as my son, and the youngest V:IP artist to date, Matt) this is the OFFICIAL cover to Wonder Care Presents: The Kinder Guardians #5 -- "The UnBEARable LIKENESS of Beings":

And Justin dug it -- like truly dug it!  IF there was any dismay at all the changes, he never said a peep and again, I can't thank him enough for it!  So there you have it folks -- the upcoming issue's cover!  The book itself WILL be available for sale at Wizard World Chicago (Aug. 18-21) and Justin will be available for signing SAT. ONLY!!!  We'll see you there!

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