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2016 (So far), By The Numbers...

Posted On Monday, June 27, 2016

As I wrapped up packing the last book from my table at Derby City Comic Con, it marked the official end to the first half of this year's convention run.

How'd I do?

Well, how's this for an answer: 13 states.  14 cities.  9327 miles.*

9327 miles?!  That's further away than a trip to Honolulu, HI (4509 I could've gone to Hawaii -- TWICE!), Tokyo, Japan (6561 miles), or even New Delhi, India (7545 miles).  I could've gone to Antananarivo, Madagascar (9176 miles) and still had room to walk around a bit.

And while that double shot to Hawaii DOES sound awesome, I couldn't have passed up on the opportunity to do so many AMAZING comic conventions!  Having done SOOOOOOO MANY shows in 2015 (about 50 comic book related events!), the seeds for V:IP readership have been sown far and wide!  I admit, I was a little nervous that retreading those waters would mean disastrous sales, but I was absolutely WRONG!  In many cases, over the 14 shows we've done this year, we've had quite a few repeat readers come back, hankering for more of that V:IP Treatment!

With that, to date, we've had to order more than 800 books to fill our inventory!  Believe me when I tell you, that's a WHOLE lot of comics to move in ONLY direct contact sales!

But we're just getting started!  Already, we're working on V:IPhase2, which will roll out EIGHT new titles over the next few years (while still finishing the current runs of Wonder Care Presents: The Kinder Guardians and Origins Unknown: Who vol 2).  We want to make sure we're giving you something new as often as possible, to keep our readership growing stronger!

Wanna catch me on the next wave of shows?  Check out our tentative convention schedule with the link to the right!

*This figure is based on one-way travel miles, ONLY! 

So THAT didn't quite work...

Posted On Friday, June 24, 2016

Will Smith has my favorite line from the movie Bad Boys -- "My plan always works, sometimes!"  It's the perfect mixture of absolute bravado with just a hint of insecurity that plagues even the best of us.  And it PERFECTLY illustrates why we're giving up on our Script Cover campaign to fund the Samaritan #8.  

...hmmmm.  Actually, "giving up" is too strong of a phrase.  It's hard to shut down a project that BARELY got off the ground!  And to be frank, I have no one to blame but myself.  

Being a self-publisher, means I wear a lot of hats.  Day in and day out, I'm balancing more than a few jobs that are typically manned by several individuals when dealing with a larger publishing house.  I'm far from complaining -- I really LOVE what I do, as well as the hardships I might endure.  But, one of my sincere shortcomings is longterm promotion of any one project or idea.  I bounce all over the place, working on this thing and the next and there are times when I want something specific to happen, but get creatively drawn somewhere else before seeing the results I had hoped for.  

This is a prime example of that.  March 18th marked the 5 Year Anniversary of the release of The Samaritan #1 and I wanted to commemorate that with the release of a new 8th issue.  But what I didn't do was maintain a strong enough campaign to make sure the world (and the gracious fans of the series) knew it was coming and how to get there.  My promotions were sporadic (at best) and I didn't have a strong enough pitch for it when I was at the 9 conventions I attended while it lasted!  And with only ONE script cover sold (which will be refunded), I didn't make nearly the headway to funding the project like I thought I would. 

Now, what does that mean for YOU the fan of V:IP/The Samaritan series?  Well, for starters, there will be no individual release for issue #8.  :( I know, I had looked forward to having a set of books released that would form a massive, interconnected cover too, but it's just not financially smart to push for that anymore.  

Not when I can personally fund issue #8 and make it a special feature of a graphic novel edition of the whole thing!  That's right -- we're STILL going to have that 8th issue -- it's WAAAAAAY too important to what I've got planned with V:IPhase 2, but it's time to stop hemhawing and get you guys a fat collected edition that can sit on your bookshelves with pride!  And we've got a tentative goal of premiering the trade at this year's New York Comic Con (Oct. 6-9th)!  

Check back soon as we not only continue to unveil what all is in our next docket of books, but also, what features will be included in the trade!  We KNOW you'll LOVE IT!

New Partnership Brings V:IP and UltraPRO TOGETHER!

A chance meeting at Wizard World Philly has brought about a unique partnership with UltraPRO -- the leading provider storage supplies for your geekdom!  I received my first shipment of UltraPRO products and COULD NOT WAIT to tear into them and of course, I want to share some of that experience with YOU!

Check me out at my next show to see just HOW I'm using these UltraPRO goodies to continue giving YOU the V:IP Treatment!!
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