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UnConventional: Let them Cre-8 Comics!

Posted On Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wow.  It's been awhile since I've posted anything new, hasn't it.  What a shame -- at this point, I'm sure an (re)introduction is warranted.

Hi.  My name is Victor Dandridge.

As the owner and operator of Vantage:Inhouse, my self-publishing imprint, my job is to make comics.  Fun comics.  Thrilling comics.  Dramatic comics.  NEW comics.

In a lot of ways, we're just like the Big Boys of comics -- you know, Marvel and DC.  Granted, a WHOLE lot smaller, but still...  And while those guys might be corporately owned, with a mission of profitability and clout, they still maintain their business by MAKING COMICS.

Recently, there've been a lot of noise made about a lack of response to allegations of sexual harassment, purportedly enacted by one of DC's senior editors.  This noise has been an instrument of distraction, even as DC is making moves to give its entire imprint a refreshing (hopefully) redirect after DECADES of criticized "Grim&Gritty" storytelling.  For all the flack that Batman v Superman received for it's darkness and hopeless, you'd think the masses would be rallying behind Rebirth with a nostalgic fervor.

I know...DC Comics doesn't need little ol' me championing for them, but I feel compelled to say SOMETHING to this.  Their job, as it has been since before they were DC, (back when they were National Comics, is to make comics) -- it's even in their name.  Stop asking them to address political or social awareness concerns outside of the bounds of storytelling!  Expecting them to halt their business practice in light of ANY allegations, scandalous or otherwise, is COMPLETELY a lost cause and maybe even a little naive.

And that extends to any news media outlets that are continuing their coverage of COMIC RELATED news!  I just saw a buddy of mine (Aaron Sager of fame!) getting lampooned for writing about the recent spoiler leak on DC Rebirth #1.  Where he was genuinely discussing awareness of journalistic integrity, upholding the review embargo DC had specifically commissioned select news outlets to keep, he was being BLASTED for not harping coverage over the scandals behind DC's closed doors.

C'mon people.  Get it together.

And that's not to say that nothing wrong had occurred.  I'm not saying I side with DC on any of the harassment accusations.  What it is saying is that ALLLLL I expect from DC are weekly comics.  Maybe an awesome movie or few.  Now maybe this is my upbringing showing, but if DC WERE to incite any sanctions or what have you, then those actions and repercussions SHOULDN'T be public knowledge, because it's FAMILY BUSINESS.  And as my Mother told me, what happens in this house STAYS in THIS house!

So, let's all get back to the business of geekdom!  Put down your satirical pitchforks and your sarcastic torches, turn a page and enjoy some comics!  Of course maintain an eye for social awareness, but don't get so wrapped up in self-righteousness that you forget why we congregate together every Wednesday, like the holy day it is!!  That's my word and it is good!


Vic OUT!

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