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The Samaritan Script Covers -- HOW TO GET YOURS!

Posted On Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ladies and less than 7 days, the first of The Samaritan Script Covers will be available for purchase!

March 18th marks the official 5 year anniversary of The Samaritan #1 making a splash at C2E2 (2011)!  Unfortunately, we're not returning to the McCorrmick Center, where the world was first introduced to Smith and the world he aims to save -- instead we're heading west to Wizard World Las Vegas, where we're betting our push to fund the next issue of will have a TREMENDOUS start!

We've already spoken about the why's of this campaign.  Now, let's get into the ins-and-outs of how all this is actually going to work!

While striving to come up with something truly fun and unique, we're pulling inspiration DIRECTLY from the original series!  True fans of The Samaritan well remember us crafting the compelling story of Smith, valiantly using his tremendous powers to save the world, through seven, 8 page chapters. Keen readers even noticed we used a 9-panel grid structure to create conjoined images to extend the FEEL of the reading experience.  We're keeping that same construction with this new issue, but it's not just informing the flow of the story -- we're also using it for our campaign!

Each new script page from issue 8 will be featured on the cover of the corresponding issue from the previous series (Page One panels and dialogue will be featured only on Issue One covers).  How many panel groups there are for that page will determine how many copies of that script cover issue there will be!

So here's the breakdown per issue...

Issue #1 Script Book: 5 Copies

Issue #2 Script Book: 5 Copies

Issue #3 Script Book: 7 Copies

Issue #4 Script Book: 7 Copies

Issue #5 Script Book: 6 Copies

Issue #6 Script Book: 7 Copies

Issue #7 Script Book: 5 Copies

Issue #8 Script Book: 4 Copies*

Each Hand-written Script Cover will be sold at $25 each and as stated, buyers WILL get a producer's credit -- ANNNNNNNNND a comp copy of the 8th issue when it comes out!!!

Take note -- Script Books will only be released in CONSECUTIVE ORDER and require the full purchase of the FULL RUN of the previous page before the next page will be available!  There will be no skipping ahead or bouncing around!!  As we have this structured, Ren won't even start on the artwork for that page until it's been fully funded -- so our ENTIRE production schedule is in YOUR capable hands!!

Now, we did say that the pages to covers match up with the original series...I know, I're saying to yourself:

"If there were only seven covers and each issue has 8 pages, what about the final page of issue 8 -- what cover will those be on?"

That is being reserved for a VERY special update -- but ONLY once we've complete up to page 5's Script Book sets!  But trust us when we say -- you WON'T be disappointed!

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