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The Samaritan #8 -- How YOU will make this happen...!

Posted On Sunday, March 6, 2016

We're quite excited that in just a few days (March 18th), we'll be celebrating the official 5 year anniversary of the release of The Samaritan #1!  And on one hand to highlight how far the series has come, as well as a reaction to fan outcry for more, series artist Ren McKinzie and I have conspired to bring you a BRAND NEW issue of The Samaritan series!!

Raising Funds:

Even with nearly a year's worth of planning under us, this project was truly not an expected expense for Vantage:Inhouse Productions.  But just because we didn't see this awesome issue coming, doesn't mean that we plan to skimp on ANY of the quality that has made The Samaritan the best selling V:IP book of 2015.  To that though, we're going to need your help!

Using a Kickstarter campaign was an obvious consideration!  But even with the popularity of the crowd-funding structure, it still didn't quite match what we wanted to do and to WHOM we're trying to appeal.  This isn't for the average comic reader or indy comics supporter -- this is built, from the ground up, for true DIE-HARD fans of The Samaritan series.  We're gunning for maximum exclusivity here, but in a way that will incite the widest spread acclaim possible.

Introducing..."Script Covers"...

Go to any convention right now, or pop on over on eBay and you'll see the growing trend of sketch covers, DOMINATING the original commissions market!  As a sometimes artist, I'm forever fascinated by the dynamic pieces creators are whipping out, often right there on the spot -- we've even produced a few ourselves (which you might still be able to find if you check our convention schedule!).

But as a writer, I've felt TOTALLY left out!  Lol.  That is...until now.

I've created a set of SCRIPT COVER editions of The Samaritan series!  Each one will feature a hand written panel description, character dialogue and/or caption from yours truly!  But what script will be detailed on these limited edition covers...why issue 8's of course!

That's right -- by supporting us, you'll get a sneak peek at what we've got in store for this exciting new chapter in the series!  Now, remember, we said this is for true diehards, so every person who purchases one of our script covers will have a PRODUCERS CREDIT in 8th issues release -- and we'll expect our producers to want to protect this project with the fervor that we have, so we'll be issuing NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreements) so that you clever folks can't team up and share your covers before the book is out and get a BIGGER advantage over any other readers!

Now, since I've already written the 8th issue, we've pretty much gotten a clear idea of how this will truly go.  Less than 50 fans will be able to take part in this, so listen up, because once we get up and running, we anticipate hitting the ground running and HARD!

Check back soon as we go into more detail on exactly HOW and WHEN you can get in on the action!!

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