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Celebrating 5 Years of The Samaritan...!

Posted On Monday, February 15, 2016

Looks good for a 5yr old...!
A little over a month away, Vantage:Inhouse will be celebrating the 5 year anniversary of our first release, The Samaritan #1.  Premiering at C2E2, back in 2011, this 8pg noir, with it's heavy shadows and subject matter, kickstarted what has been almost 6 full years of self-publishing!  But, because this is our first publication landmark, we're DEFINITELY wanting to celebrate in style and give fans something they've been clamoring for since the series wrapped up, two years ago.

A new issue of The Samaritan.

Us PREMIERING The Samaritan at C2E2!
Oh yeah -- you read that correctly!  We're returning to the world of The Samaritan, picking right up where we left off!  Questions will be answered, maybe a few more raised -- but fear not -- it's a wonderful ride for old fans and new fans alike!

Now, because this isn't just a regular issue or occasion, we're pulling out all the stops to get this one into YOUR hands.  And that includes a brand new, grassroots campaign to fund it's production.  But there will be more time for that later.  Right now, I want to take a second to tell you where this new issue got its root.

It all started after a..."friendly" email from my good friend Andy "Shaggy" Korty...

"So, I am not satisfied with my Samaritan comics.  Most of them have white space on the covers that need to be filled.  I intend to bring them to every show and I are at until you fill all those blank spaces with further adventures of Samaritan as Script Covers.  I have already picked up a sketch cover from Ren...Now I want more story from you.  So how much do you charge for script covers?  And don't say his adventures are done, you already wrote it open ended.  He left for another city.  Where?  Who is he taking down now?  Cleaning up what streets?  Is he hitting Eerie - where The Manor [Andy's self-published comic series -- BUY IT NOW] takes place?  I will be pestering you until you do these." 

Alright, here's the truth.  The Samaritan WAS always meant to be a fixed mini-series.  I know I left the ending open and ambiguous about it's ongoing status, but I seriously had intended for it to be just the seven issue bit we released.  And I swear, I told Andy that -- but honest to his word, he refused to accept it.

So, I got to thinking...if we DID continue The Samaritan in any way...where would we go?

The 2015 Des Moines Exclusive Variant

Fast forward to last year's Wizard World Des Moines...errrr, more specifically, the LONG ride home.  That nine hour trek became a soundboard session between series artist and co-creator, Ren McKinzie and I.  We hammered at every idea like a maniacal construction crew, first really looking at if we even SHOULD go back to the well (uh...yeah, our fans are asking for it), to what we would do (now, now, that would be telling...), to finally HOW we were going to do it (which Ren says I'm a total monster for!  LOL).  And by the end of it, we had this plan -- which when executed will be a GLORIOUS experience of storytelling, world building, art and overall -- comics!

I've teased enough (for now)...check back soon to get the scoop on just how we're planning to pull this off and how YOU can be involved!  Until then...keep reading V:IP!

Episode 100 of Black, White & Read -- "Happy Hundy!"

Posted On Thursday, February 4, 2016

Photo courtesy of @HankofLemongrab via Twitter
We've made it all the way to 100 EPISODES of Black, White & Read ALL Over!  I'm soooo excited to have shared this experience with my awesome cohost Ryan [Seymore] and our illustrious producer, Shelby [Hunt]!  After nearly two years, I truly believe we have THE best review series on the net and its a constant source of pride to show up every week, reading great comics and having an absolute blast talking about them!!!

Episode 100 - "Happy Hundy"

The Readpile:
Spider-Man #1 (Marvel)
Deadpool & The Mercs for Money #1 (Marvel)
The Walking Dead #151 (Image)
The Vision #4 (Marvel)

Honorable Mentions: 
Klaus #3 (BOOM Studios)
Providence #7 (Avatar Press)
Captain Marvel #2 (Marvel)
Detective Comics #49 (DC)

Here's to AT LEAST 100 more shows!!!!
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