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The 2015 SPACE Prize Finalists ARE IN...!

Posted On Sunday, January 3, 2016

Spend just a little bit of time with me and you'll quickly find that I'm quite proud to of being from Columbus, OH.  Home of the Buckeyes, Bluejackets, and Clippers, Columbus is a gem of a city! But don't confuse the Capital City as just another sports town -- we're a thriving hotbed for artistic talent, particularly in the world of comics!  We're home of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Research Library AND the award-winning creator, Jeff Smith (Bone, RASL) -- but our crown jewel may be the Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo (S.P.A.C.E.).  Started and managed by Bob Corby (Backporch Comics), if you're a comic creator in Columbus, its a rite of passage to exhibit there, even if your tastes in comics run a bit more in the mainstream.

2015 wasn't an easy year for S.P.A.C.E.  The Ramada Inn, it's home for the last five or so years, closed its doors just months before it's scheduled date, causing a last minute scramble to find a new location.  But Bob pulled through, finding a new home at the Northland Performing Arts Center and making what was a spring-time show, now set in July.  Unfortunately, the move meant that a number of longtime exhibitors wouldn't be able to attend, as the new dates conflicted with other events -- but Ken Eppstein, head of Nix Comics came to the rescue, hosting Extra SPACE, to make sure that date could still celebrate the comic-booky goodness that Columbus loves to showcase!

So, with S.P.A.C.E. back on track, I was ready to represent and submit for the COVETED SPACE Prize -- a yearly recognition of the best works created and showcased at that year's show.  And just as we have for years, V:IP was ready to be counted!  And out of our five entries, THREE have been counted as finalists in their respective categories!

Make some noise for...

General Category:
Ol' Crazy & the 40oz of Death
Victor Dandridge (Writer)
Bryan Moss (Artist)

Victor Dandridge (Writer/Artist)

Web Comics:

Wonder Care: After School
Justin Castaneda (Writer/Artist)
Victor Dandridge (Letterer)

Now, here's where we need YOU!  If you were an exhibitor at the show this year, you're eligible to cast your vote on the titles you feel deserve to win!  We know that many were too busy moving their own books to come check out ours, so for a limited time, we're offering you a chance to read each of the finalist entries -- FOR FREE!!!  Just hit the links of their names and ENJOY!!!

And always, give some love to the other finalists!  We celebrate comics -- even the competition! ;)

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