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Posted On Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome to 2016, everybody!  I hope everyone had a wonderful and enjoyable 2015 -- we certainly did, accomplishing many of the goals we set for last year.  But our goal is to absolutely blow it out of the water with everything we do THIS year!  We're kickin' ass and MAKING names (for our creators, our titles and our characters!) and all begins today!

In just a few days, we're taking off for our first convention of the year, returning to the Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con!!!  Now if you haven't checked out the roster of celebs, writers and artists -- let's just say you've been missing out on one of the most extensive and exciting line-ups I've ever seen!  From Chris Evans to Norman Reedus, Matt Smith to Amanda Conner, and more!  Now, maybe you've got a few dollars left over from Christmas and you HAVEN'T gotten you ticket yet -- no worries.  You can buy them from US and for your support, we'll reward you with an #ExclusivePrint, featuring one of our best selling variant designs from The Samaritan campaign last year!

And speaking of The Samaritan, for a limited time, we'll be offering an exclusive collection, that features each chapter as individual issues; most of which have NEVER before been released in the floppy format!

We're also expanding our reach with Comic Town -- home of Black, White & Read ALL Over, by launching a 5 week U Cre-8 Comics School, later this month!  Every Saturday (from Jan. 16th-Feb13th) we'll host 2, 45min sessions at Comic Town*, geared towards instructing and encouraging the NEXT generation of comic creators!  Classes are only $10 a week, but with limited space, are sure to fill up quick!  Make sure you're signed up as soon as possible to secure your spot!

From conventions, to the 100th episode of BWARO, to our newest releases, 2016 is already looking to be one of our busiest years EVER!  To keep everyone on track with where we're going and what we're doing, we've created this custom calendar!  As we lock in more dates, we'll keep it updated so that you're ALWAYS in the know for what's happening with the V:IP camp!

There's not a moment to waste, so I better get back to work!  Thank you all for the support you've given us so far -- and get ready for some company, because we're gonna make our fanbase bigger than ever!


*Due to a scheduled Magic the Gathering event, our first week is tentatively scheduled to be at the Columbus Metropolitan Library Karl Rd. Branch!  Should anything change, registrants will be notified by email.  

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