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Dare to Compare - V:IP vs. Indy/Indies

Posted On Saturday, January 16, 2016

Superman vs. Hulk

Deadpool vs. Deathstroke.

Wonder Woman vs. Capt. Marvel.

Ironman vs. Batman.

Go to any comic shop in America and you can begin an hours-long conversation, making new friends (or possibly losing some), simply invoking this three word, alliterated question: Who Would Win...?

Opinions, power set facts, and historical inferences would fly as these titans of our modern myths are examined and discussed with doctorate level detail.  Illustrating not only our collective know-how about the characters involved, but also our personal imaginative applications of their abilities, tactics, strengths and weaknesses.  Will it sway your opponent's opinion...maybe -- if you're REALLY convincing, but probably not!  As far as pop cultural iconography goes, which character, superteam or imprint you follow is just as sacred as your favorite sports team (if you're into that sort of thing, lol!).  When they're good, they're great, and when they're bad, they're good, because no matter what -- you love them.

But it's an outlook that is strangely absent from the world of indy/indie titles.  You don't hear conversations about who is better, Paragon (from 133Art's One Nation) or Hotshot (a character from the self-title series, soon to be republished under Legacy Rising).  You don't have Wildfire (flagship title from Legends Press) butting heads against Justice Theta (checkout Fallen Justice from Red-Handed Studios), going toe-to-toe!

Why not?

Where independent titles are concerned, we have no problem throwing our wares as the wall, fighting back the tide of mainstream comics.  When the mainstream falls short of the mark in terms of diversity, unique storytelling, and characterizations, we firm shout back that WE are that answer.  But, never do we actively test our mettle against one another...and I think that should change.  Competition is the nature of the game we're playing -- not every one is going to win, every day -- and just as in the stories we've penned, we've got to be willing see our characters lose against a better opponent, without the shield of them being more funded or marketed than our own.

Dare to Compare Challenge:

If you're a small-press/independent publisher, I want you to compare your characters to mine!  Make them fight -- even beat them (if you can), and share your stories with world.  If any of them come my way, I'll gladly share them -- especially if they're pretty good!

I dare to compare -- DO YOU?!


  1. We talked about this a couple days ago and i am all for it. Especially after my recent conversations with some indies

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