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To the Winner's Circle...

Posted On Thursday, December 24, 2015

Without a doubt, Mark Millar is one of my favorite writers.  From Superman to the X-men, he's penned some of the most notable stories of the last twenty years, his words the framework for most of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe.  And when he launched his own, creator-owned imprint, Millarworld, he shook the foundations of what it meant to be a successful comic book creator -- openly bridging the gap between comics and their cinematic adaptations!

As a writer myself, Mark's influence has been pretty obvious: from the heavy-grit tone of The Samaritan, the outright Nemesis-inspired piece, The Villain, to the race to release Wonder Care Presents: The Kinder Guardians (before his promoted Kindergarten Heroes) -- it's safe to say, that he's meant a lot to me.  So this fall, when he announced that he was opening up the Millarworld playground in an INTERNATIONAL talent search, I LEAPED at the chance!  Okay...maybe I had a little bit of a push!

Since gaining so much ground as a self-publisher, I feared I would be betraying my DIY cred by throwing in -- even someone as influential as Mark!  But per the man himself:

"...You’re at a stage where you want to get noticed and to be noticed there is little better than established characters." -- MM

So with that bit of a pep talk, I went all in, whipping out a short-story under his American Jesus option of the contest.

And then the waiting began...


Here are all the winners, and the corresponding franchises they'll be creating stories for:
  • "Kick-Ass" - Writer Ricardo Mo/ Artist Ifesinachi Orjiekwe
  • "Kingsman" - Writer Philip Huxley/ Artist Myron Macklin
  • "Starlight" - Writer Deniz Camp/ Artist Prancheta Banerjee
  • "American Jesus" - Writer Cliff Bumgardiner/ Artist Steve Beach
  • "Chrononauts" - Writer Shawn Brill/ Artist Conor Hughes
  • "Hit-Girl" - Writer Mark Abnett/ Artist Osgur Yildirim
  • Cover artist: Satine Zillah
First and foremost -- CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS!  As the stats have rolled out, I understand there were over 1500 entries from around the world!  And the competition was FIERCE!  And these super talented folks were the cream of the crop!  I know I'll be first in line to nab the annual they'll all be featured in when it comes out (and you should grab it too)!

Of course there comes a measure of disappointment that my name isn't amongst the winners.  But, I can certainly take solace in that I wrote the best story I could and that it held its own right up the very end!  In fact, I'm so sure of it, I've included it for YOUR viewing pleasure below!  

Read my American Jesus Entry: HERE
A HUGE thanks goes out to Mark Millar and the ENTIRE Millarworld Crew, who so diligently poured through every submission and entry.  You guys are true heroes to us all and as the contest continues, I'm sure the rise in talent will make the selection process that much harder!  

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