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Wizard World Comic Con: San Jose

Posted On Monday, September 7, 2015

It's Labor Day...but instead of celebrating the last holiday of the summer with family and friends, mulling over grilled meats and flavorful sides, I'm sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight(s)back home. What could POSSIBLY draw me away from the guarantee of full belly of Momma's best (fill-in your favorite food here)...?  WIZARD WORLD COMIC-CON, of course!!!

As the second show of the latter half of the convention circuit, WWCC:San Jose is the first to bring me under the California sun!  Having only dabbled in my West Coast Con-Grind, I was SUPER excited to see how I would fare in the bounds of Silicon Valley!  So I pack up and flew out, leaving behind ALL the fun my family was sure to have, instead to hang with my con-family at Wizard World!

Now, anyone who knows me should expect nothing but positivity in my posts. As one who fervently believes in self-responsibility for success, it's a rare thing to see me complain about ANYTHING that occurs at a show, but even knowing that, San Jose was a very welcoming experience!  The people were open,quite congenial and curious about the books that adorned my tabletop.  A few even mentioned having heard of a title or two...(wishful thinking that my books have preceded me...??)

And the results!!  As they have so often before, both the Wonder Care books and The Samaritan variants sold out!  And though it's a feat I'm growing more accustomed to achieving, it's still gives a wonderful glow when it does!  

I recently posted that before Wizard World: Chicago, I had already clocked more than a 1000 books sold, in total, so far in 2015.  Would you believe that in only two more shows, I've moved nearly a quarter more?  At this rate, I'm figuring somewhere around the 2500-3000 range could be hit!

But more than the sales, people are actually READING the books!  I've already started receiving correspondence back from some rather satisfied customers, both readers and creators, alike!

And of course, I was active outside of Artist Alley!  I took on my usual hosting duties at the Drink&Draw, held at the BEAUTIFUL AFK Gamers Lounge! We had a nicely packed patio, taking advantage of the wonderfully chill evening.  Saturday, I had two panels: my U Cre-8 Cinics panel (which I totally failed to nab a pic at, but luckily, my friend Terrence caught some video footage of) was well attended with some highly curious and insightful, potential creators. I also did a fill-in spot on the hit podcast, CONSmash with Mo Lightning -- the subject of discourse: Crappy Sequels!  Things get rather hilarious (you can nab it when it goes up on the CONRadio channel!  

Mo and I also tag-teamed hosting the costume contest!  Talk about some of the most creative ideas come to life!!  The contestants were great and the crowd gave some tremendous love to them for all their efforts!!  Even Mo and I gotniti the spirit of it, hitting the stage as JD and Turk from the NBC show, Scrubs.

I even got to sneak in two early morning television press spots, somewhere in there!  You can check out the one from Good Morning Sacramento HERE!

So yeah, this was a fun show -- great experiences and INCREDIBLE people.  Definitely look for me next year...!

P.s.  Did I tell you I got to sit and talk comic writing shop with none other than Spike from Buffy, James Marsters?!  Well now you know know! 😁😝

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