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(re)Introducing...Origins Unknown: Who pt.2

Posted On Friday, August 14, 2015

Earlier this year, I posted about the updates I had enacted for Origins Unknown, both on a visual basis and where it stood, conceptually within the growing V:IP Universe.  As I stated then, the books really seemed to lack the visual appeal that some of the other titles maintained and it hurt sales tremendously because of it.  So, now, we've had a few months with the new cover (and boasted Secret Origins-like position of the series as a whole) and I can tell you that while sales have boosted, but the cover's created a NEW problem for consideration.

When laid out across the table, I have to admit, the new cover for Origins Unknown looks GREAT!  Granted, the new design called for leaving behind the tag-line that defined the series: "You can't be what the world needs until you know what you are."  But it really stood out well and drew the attention of many potential readers.

Updated to reflect the "WHO" theme of the volume.
But that's where the biggest problem laid.

They'd be very earnest in coming to check out this vibrant, bright cover, so proudly (and prominently) featuring its female lead.  But when they began to flip through the pages, you could almost see the dismay on their faces as they looked into...a black and white book...:(

Obviously, I'd hate to believe fans to be so discerning, but I had to admit the possibility that we would've moved even more units if the interiors held any sort of the colorful splash that the cover initiated.

I only had the intention of coloring Somewhere I Belong, so the coloring style had to be something that would serve, not only the story, but the interest of the book.  Too dynamic and I'd HAVE TO get the rest of the book colored; not enough and well...I might as well have left it black and white.  So, with that thought in mind, I went on a feverish search for a solution and I found it in the pages of Marvel's Hawkeye!  The muted colors (by Matt Hollingsworth) was exactly what I was looking for -- a range of operation that was easy to look at, but interesting.  And it wasn't too domineering -- Jacob's line, while very thin and delicate on this issue, were still the hard selling point and should be protected (if not projected) above anything else.

And here's the final result!

And it just so happens, I finished production on these just as this review from Chris Ventura of Dark Avenger went live on YouTube (subscribe to his channel!): I said in that first post, we ARE following up with three NEW stories (Pursuit of Happiness, No One Believes Me, and I Make Her Say), which will likely see publication next year.

But the best news of all...

...wait for it...


That's right -- my right hand for the Origins Unknown project is laying down some serious awesome.  Check out some of the sketches he's sent me already...

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