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Episode 75!!!! #BlackWhite&ReadAllOver

Posted On Thursday, August 13, 2015

Watch me!!!

75 Episodes!!  How did this happen?  And so much fun STILL!

While we didn't make a HUGE deal of it (aside from the AWESOME dance party at the beginning!), I've gonna confess that I'm INSANELY proud of what we've accomplished with this show!  We're having fun -- like ALL THE FUN -- and it shows with every filming!  A tremendous thanks goes to Ryan and Shelby for their brilliance and interest!  (You guys have brought me along on a tremendous ride!!)

This week's reads:
Phonogram The Immaterial Girl #1 (Image) - Kieron Gillen (w) and Jamie McKelvie (a)
Lando #2 (Marvel) - Charles Soule (w) and Alex Maleev (a)
Secret Wars #5 (Marvel) - Jonathan Hickman (w) and Esad Ribic (a)
Walking Dead #145 (Image) - Robert Kirkman (w) and Charlie Adlard (a)

Honorable Mentions:
String Divers #1 (IDW) - Chris Ryall (w) and Nelson Daniel (a)

A-Force #3 (Marvel) - Marguerite Bennett (w) and Jorge Molina (a)

Trill League #0 - Anthony Piper (w/a) -- You NEED this book (its wack)!  I LOVED everything about it (Hot Gar-Bage)!

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