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Weekend Recap...!

Posted On Monday, May 4, 2015

- It was return to the show stage for me, where I was joined by my WW Vegas contestants, Buzz and Mike Vasquez (and new pal, Beau Wilkens).  We had quite the lively crowd -- full and engaging, making the 5 lines challenge a fun way to kick off the show.
   Just hours ago, my flight landed, ending my inaugural trip to Minneapolis for the Wizard World Comic Con!  The Twin City was a wonderful pl
ace -- a lively metropolis, whose citizens are FULL of pride for their city!  And as always, I never have a bad time when I'm at a show -- so how about a few of the highlights that made my weekend so great!

- At the Marvel vs. DC panel, I turned some heads with my thoughts on the newly released Avengers: Age of Ultron!  I'll be sharing my thoughts soon -- with appropriate spoiler warnings!!!

- We DEFINITELY had some fun at the Drink&Draw -- I was on hosting duties (I'm growing quite fond of that, btw), buuuuut...I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that Kevin Smith's "An Evening With" event ran at the same time -- I TOTALLY wanted to go to that!!!

- Saturday, was a fun mix -- we did the Tac-au-Tac challenge, with Buzz and Mike returning, as well as new friends Gordon Purcell and Joey (from Toxic Comics).  There were a few awesome drawings that came outta of that one and some VERY lucky fans to win them.

- I returned as a guest judge of the costume contest!  That's becoming a highlight to me -- seeing so much creativity and ingenuity at play!

- My U Cre-8 Comics panel was Sunday and though we ran out of workbooks, we still managed to have an AMAZING session!  It's always amazing to me the way participants get into the project, asking questions and exploring aspects of comic book making they'd never considered before!

- And just to punctuate the coolness of it all, I had a little chat with View Askew celeb, Jason Mewes at the airport, about being on the con circuit and seeing when our schedules will line back up.

Definitely a good weekend.

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