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Posted On Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Here is a link to our newest Black, White & Read All Over with Victor Dandridge JrShelby Hunt and myself. The biggest thing this week, and I implore you to watch, is our review of Jupiter's Circle #1. The story focuses on the nightmarish double life that Blue Bolt has to survive as a gay man in the late 1950's. The rights of the LGBT community look to have a spotlight shown on them in this series. Deep social commentary from Millar and Torres....
Here are the spoiler free reviews from Vic, Ry and Shelby this week. Follow the link to watch our reviews on Black, White & Read All Over.
1) Slayer band - Ryan had no choice with his solo review this week. This is the biography of the Beatles of music. Reign In Blood changed Ryan's life and maybe this review will change yours. At least you get to see his autographed drum head?
2) Saga #27 - One of Vic's solo reviews this week opens up with a bang. Read it and you will get the joke.
3) Ant-Man #4 - The best Miami Vice story to get published this year according to Vic. If the feel of Spencer's run isn't in the upcoming movie we really think Marvel will be missing out.
4) Jupiter's Circle #1 - Best book of the week by far. Mark Millar and Wilfredo Torres deliver the first issue of the prequel to Jupiter's Legacy. Please watch our review and give serious thought to reading this book. It sets the foundation for the fractured family we met in Legacy and delves into the pain and bigotry that the LGBT community has experienced through the years.
5) Kaijumax #1 - Once again Ryan had no choice with his solo review this week. Here's the plot for this fun comedy title...giant kaiju/Godzilla/Gamera type monsters on a maximum security prison island being guarded by a high tech force of humans in giant robot suits....the microphone has been dropped
6) Deadpool #250 a.k.a. #45 - most crass misuse of a harvesting machine to kill minions ever. Really funny read that might be a prelude to Secret Wars.
7) Convergence #1 - A very straight forward beginning to the DC event this Spring. This issue is action packed but still leaves a lot of questions."

- Ryan Seymore
Mayor of Comic Town

And the fun kept coming with this week's episode of Comic Town Hall Meeting!


Free-form podcast focusing on goings on in the comic book world including details, speculation and opinions of recent issues (spoilers). The Comic Town Hall Council also touch on other pop-culture properties and trends!

This week's topics include: Jupiter's Circle taking on social commentary and Blue Bolt speculation. Movie talk: the guys discuss Marvel universe movies' pre and post credit scenes. Spider-man unmasking and lastly racial representation in comic books.

Hosted by Ryan Seymore, Victor Dandridge, Jr. (Black, White & Read All Over) Tim Winkle (Comic Town) and Shelby Hunt (technical stuff)

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