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New V:IP Daily List

Posted On Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sometimes, it can be a challenge to provide constant updates on what's going on with V:IP -- a lot of times, we're too caught in the process of doing, that we forget to broadcast it to our growing number of fans!  Previously, we tried something called "the Eleven-Hour Work Day" -- where every 3 hours or so, we'd promote some facet of Vantage:Inhouse Productions.  It worked for a bit, but didn't quite have the traction we had hoped for -- particularly because it had VERY little interaction (which we're ALL about!).  

So, we're returning to that format, but with a bit of an update that will better acclimate our efforts to your interest!  We've made a list of our planned daily activities just 4 or 5 a day (so we're not annoying you!) that will keep YOU in the loop on what we're doing!  We hope that this helps you continue your support and gives you more reasons to love what we do and how we do it!


RECaps - Missed us at the latest convention or event?  No worries -- we'll be sharing our highlights from the event, first thing!

Gallery Show - We'll be taking excerpts from V:IP scripts (some new, some old) and putting them out there into the world.  Can't lie -- we'd LOVE to see some fan-art produced from this!

Black, White & Read ALL-Over - The hit, spoiler-free review series, needs YOUR help to pick which books get a look for the week!


Gallery Show - We'll be reaching out to YOU, comics' BEST fans and asking what sort of art you'd like to see -- then, we'll have 1 hour to produce something cool in your honor!

U Cre-8 Comics - For the next 30 WEEKS, we're going to show you how the U Cre-8 Comics Character Crafter works by cre-8ing a NEW character every week!


#DareToCompare - We've got some amazing titles in our library, but sometimes new readers need to see something familiar before they branch out!  We'll tell you which weekly new release best matches with something from the V:IP stable!

UnConventional - Let's talk about #makingcomics!  For one-hour, we'll have a Twitter discussion on some ideas about making comics!

Gallery Show - See what new/ show Exclusive covers are on the horizon!


All about the Cons - Every update will be about prep for an upcoming event!


#FollowFridays - There are people in the comic book biz you should know and I want to introduce you to them!

*There will be a few EXTRA activities not listed (can't give away ALL the fun!), but hopefully, this is bit to get YOU interested in following what V:IP is doing!!!

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