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It's Vegas, baby...and those are the stakes!!!

Posted On Monday, April 27, 2015

*Apparently, me am no talk good when I'm con-exhausted, jet-lagged and flying home.  I've gone through and corrected my bumbles to have a better stream of words!  

Wizard.  World.  Vegas.  This past weekend, the glitzy allure of Sin City called V:IP into its midst and while a good majority of the comic book world attended C2E2, myself (and quite a few other notable creators and personalities), headed out west to take part in Wizard's inaugural show in Viva Land!

Now, if you've followed my other media posts (and I sincerely hope you have!!!), you'll know I'm FAAAAAR from a critic of shows themselves, favoring a more...self-evaluating approach to exhibiting.  What I mean by that is if I attend a show and don't make what I "expected", then rather than blame the show -- IN ANY CAPACITY: not on celebs, not on Cosplay (NOT ON ANYTHING!!), I aim to evaluate my OWN performance!  What did I not do to ensure those sales?? In my mind, the only responsibility a show has is bringing people in the door; getting them to buy something...well, that's my job!!

Unfortunately, it's not a philosophy shared by A LOT of my peers and this show could've used a bit more consideration of its unique experience.

First I want to commend Wizard for taking a chance in a new market, especially one like Vegas -- a city seemingly known for everything BUT comics!  For a city built on touristy-attractions, opulent boutiques, and celebrity music stars, it was a bold move to consider that the Wizard World brand could find success here.  Even more so considering how much content they had planned to capture for their recent partnership venture, CONtv.

So the show may not have been PACKED.  Far from, actually, but that's not to say that there wasn't good attendance, just that it was spread out over the course of a VERY LONG convention hall that didn't give the best impression of the numbers on hand.  

From what I could tell, there was a mix of locals and people who travelled in just for the show (the promise of meeting media stars enough to prompt travel even across states).  And that means that Wzard's brand wasn't defunct, though it did seem that even they were hoping to pull more from the general visiting populace, which has an international range.  

Essentially, they took a gamble.  And as it sometimes happens in Vegas, it didn't really pay off.  But this was just Year One.  And even Batman's first attempts at vigilante heroism fell a few feet short of success.  I'm hoping they return next year, with a renewed gusto and fervor.  Because if you don't play BIG, the house ALWAYS wins.

As for myself, well, I had an INCREDIBLE weekend.  Maybe I didn't net the financial successes of previous shows, but I was able to expand my media presence -- doing an early morning interview for the show with ABC13 Action News, filming a CONtv segment with Damian Beurer (of Super Power Beatdown fame) and was a fill-in judge for the Wizard World costume contest!


And THAT was my weekend recap!  Follow my other social media outlets to catch other quips and pics from the weekend!!

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  1. A comic creator , Link and a Steampunker walk into a costume contest sounds like a joke setup but it was a lot of fun to watch.


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