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The Kinder Guardians #2 is ON ITS WAY...!!!!!

Posted On Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The all-ages title that EVERYONE has fallen for, returns in just a few days!  That's right, final edits have been completed on Wonder Care Presents: The Kinder Guardians #2 and we're just a putting together the extra content before its ready for release!

In this issue, titled "What Can't Your Dad Do?", the kids address some of their feelings about measuring up to their parents abilities and acclaim, as well as, to each other, showing that being a kid-superhero isn't always as up, up and away as it may seem!  Returning from the award-winning first issue, are Pep (our resident speedster) and Castor (one half of our super-twins), but we're also introducing sure-to-be-fan-favorites: Lectron and Horus!

My notes on Lectron's

With all of the of the Wonder Care Kids being play-ons of some of comics lasting ideas and characters, these two are some of my favorite original interpretations!  If you see me at a show, my pitch refers to Wonder Care as "Muppet Babies meets The Justice League", so with Lectron, we've got the union of the lovable loser in Gonzo, with the "presumed" villainy of Lex Luthor!  The son of a super-villain (the possible arch-nemesis to Castor and Pollux's dad), Lectron seeks nothing more than to make his way as a hero!  But can he overcome his father's LOOOOOOONG shadow and create a name for himself?  
Justin's FIRST initial take on Lectron!

                                                                                                                            I'm a HUGE Captain Marvel (Shazam!) fan -- have been for years -- and it always bothered me that until Kingdom Come, it was never a real consideration that he COULD (if not SHOULD) be able to beat Superman (who I'm also a big fan of, btw)!  In Horus, I found a way to play around with that story thread -- following a character who is typically (and so often) underestimated!  
Sure, I played it a bit more Black Adam with his appearance/backstory -- which allows me to somewhat play on the HEADY aspect of diversity in comics and how minority characters ARE considered second-tier in a lot of ways (I know, pretty heavy stuff for a kids book).  In fact, tackling that attitude made writing this issue rather difficult!   I was SUPER conscious of the balancing act I had to tote in telling the story I wanted, without suggesting that black characters are, in fact, inferior.  

Trust me though -- the outcome is a WHOLE LOT more light-hearted than it may seem!  A triumph considering the scale of the commentary!  


I found a TRUE collaborator in Justin on this project!  He's taken to these characters, giving them life, both visually and through some story ideas of his own!  Inspired by the knock-knock gag strips I put in the back of issue one, Justin has cranked out a slew of strips and put together a BEAUTIFUL, new Tumblr to showcase!  Called, "Wonder Care: After School", we'll upload a new strip, each week, as well as some tidbits on upcoming issues, sneak peeks, and special offers!  

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