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UnConventional - Why Are You Stepping Backwards...?

Posted On Thursday, February 19, 2015

For ages -- and I'm not being hyperbolic either -- for AGES, practitioners of nerdom and geekery have sought the validation that comes with pop cultural recognition.  Without it, we were chided, excluded, mocked and marginalized, all because our tastes didn't fit in with what was collectively deemed "cool."

Fast forward.  It's now 2015 and oh how the world has changed!  Comic and book properties rule prime time television and the movies!  We've got sports stars and athletes claiming the monikers of our champions! Songs of nearly every genre giving shout out to our favorite fictional characters!  

And yet...

We have PUSH BACK from the very progress we've worked so hard to attain.


If you're new to me and my grind, I'm "one of" the HARDEST WORKING indy comics creators around!  I've been going hard for nearly FIVE years, writing some of the best, award nominated projects in the market!  And part of my grind is to attend EVERY comic convention I possibly can -- especially the Wizard World Convention Tour!

But to(o) many folks, Wizard is ENEMY #1 -- a point I just don't understand!  The biggest dig I hear is that they don't care about comics.  That despite it being  a part of their name -- their INCLUSION of pop media stars, fan-artists, comic retailers, memorabilia collectors/sellers, cosplayers, small-press publishers, indie/indy creators, intellectuals and educators, as well as industry legends somehow means that they DON'T care.  

I don't buy it.   I don't buy these announcements of "comic-focused" shows.  Comics are EVERYWHERE. They're forms of clothing, games, food, lit-books, movies, television, EVVVVERREYYTHING!  To be comic focused IS to be a show like Wizard World.

Oh but wait -- you meant to say comic BOOK focused, didn't you?  But how many COMIC-BOOK focused shows are actually as inclusive?  Some cater to indie books and mainstream work isn't welcome.  Some are so mainstream oriented that alternative comics are aggressively ignored.  And let's not even talk about the absence of web-comics, newspaper comics and educators...

So, let's get something straight.  Let's not go back to being a reclusive boys club that seeks validation through exclusivity.  These are brighter times!!  Step out of your caves and let's enjoy it!!

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