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Black, White & READ -- Week 49!!!!!

Posted On Monday, February 9, 2015

Black, White & READ Week 49 - "The Zardoz Cosplay Contest"

This week (last week since I'm posting late -- SORRY Y'ALL!!!) -- we're joined by Fate Spears of The Comic Book Connection Initiative (a wonderful charity dedicated to getting comics in the hands of underprivileged children, soldiers, etc.), tackling a slew of kid-friendly comics for our younger readers!!!

On the rack this week:

Superman #38 (DC) - Geoff Johns (w) and John Romita, JR (a)
Nameless #1 (Image) - Grant Morrison (w) and Chris Burnham (a)
Star Wars #2 (Marvel) - Jason Aaron (w) and John Cassady (a)

Fate's Picks:

Skylanders #6 (IDW) - Ron Marz (w) and David Rodriguez (a)
Steven Universe #7 (KaBoom) - Jeremy Sorese/ various (w) and Coleman Engle/ various (a)
Batman '66 #19 (DC) - Jeff Parker (w) and Leonardo Romero (a)

Ryan's Honorable Mentions:
Black Vortex Alpha #1 (Marvel) - Sam Humphries (w) and Ed McGuinness, Kris Anka, Mark Farmer, Jay Leisten and Mark Morales (a)
Wytches #4 (Image) - Scott Snyder (w) and JOCK (a)

Victor's Honorable Mention:
Ant-Man #2 (Marvel) - Nick Spencer (w) and Ramon Rosanas (a)

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