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Columbus Alive presents: Sketch in the City!

Posted On Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 is already off to an amazing start and the wonderful editorial staff at the Columbus Alive has played a HUGE part in that!  Last year, they started a showcase for local comic creators called Sketch in the City -- a tremendous effort to introduce their readers (which ranges around 75,000 readers in print and digital) to the enormous (and growing) community of comic creators living in central Ohio. 

Launching with the work of Max Ink, whose beautifully poignant series, BLINK, is as much a hallmark of Cols as The Buckeyes or Wendy's, the series would feature a six-week run, with a story centered around living here. 

With an invite from project curator and editor, Ken Eppstein of Nix Comics, I've been tapped to do my own tribute to my hometown in a 5wk short story that mixes Nite Owl Theater with the cartoonish antics of Adventure Time.  The first installment launched New Year's Day and went live online this past Tuesday.  So have no fear -- if you can't grab a copy, you can still read along each week!

Any Which Way But Snewz #1
By Victor Dandridge
Read Online: HERE

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