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PoV: 11/17/14

Posted On Monday, November 17, 2014

Vantage:Inhouse aims to not just entertain, but to INSPIRE new creators!  In my outings across the country, I've endeared myself to a number of fans who've shown a proclivity towards making comics and I do what I can to support them!  This weekend, we've sponsored Josh Christopher's FIRST convention appearance at Derby City Comic Con's Cavalcade of Comics!
Poster features the artwork of The Trouble
w/Love co-creator, Harold Edge!!!

Unfortunately, I won't be there to help celebrate Josh's first step on to the comic convention stage. :( Instead, I'll be hob-nobbing it out west at Wizard World Reno -- where I'll be ENDING my 2014 convention season!  I'm covering new ground with this show, having NEVER visited the great state of Nevada before -- but I'm SURE it'll go with a bustle of fanfare and acclaim!

So, I've stated it before and it's finally come to effect -- Wizard World Reno will be my LAST pixel-art focused convention appearance!  My goals as a comic book creator and publisher need to put back in the forefront and that's JUST what I've already set into motion!  Not one to wait, I've created a care-package for Reno-based comic shops owners -- a way to introduce what I'm doing thru V:IP to some eager new markets!

It's been a BUSY day (some announcements you'll have to wait just a wee bit longer to hear) -- but tune in tomorrow and find out what more we're sharing!!

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