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PoV: 11/15/14

Posted On Sunday, November 16, 2014

What's in a day?  If you're constantly in the mix, on the go and as busy as I tend to be -- a day's real estate can be a pretty fruitful plane.  To keep my (growing) list of readers in the loop on my daily goings-on, I'm launching this recap of events -- ideally, jotted down in the moment -- but at worst, remembered to the best of my intent!

After a family breakfast, I squirreled a way time to finish reading Words for Pictures, the BRILLIANT book by Marvel Comics mainstay, Brian M. Bendis.  

I've had the privilege of reading some inspiring books on the craft of comics, but this one is probably the most inclusive to bridging the gap between the independent and professional/mainstream markets for creators.  Do me a favor -- breathe it.  Don't just read it, take it in and let inform and change you.  It's a brilliant piece and I'm rating a MUST for your collection!

Work has begun, in earnest, on Wonder Care #2!  But locking down the story has been a bit of a task.  I THINK I've got it now...but it's kind of required a complete revamp of the plot and execution.  Stay tuned to see how it all fares!

This was supposed to be a light-week in terms of events for me.  But I got a message that Twilight Star, a local publishing studio to Springfield, Ohio was celebrating their fifth Star Con (a brand-centric convention, hosted at Main St. Comics & Games), with a standing invite to come.  I've lettered a few of their short stories and even licensed them to publish The Villain in one of their anthology titles.

It was a pleasure to stop by and I ended up staying FAR longer than I had intended (even skipping out on my planned attendance of the Jeff Smith/ Tim Spurgeon convo).  But hey -- that's what happens when you're involved with other passionate creators!

So, that was basically my day!  A mix and match of comic business education, new ideas, entertainment and showcase.  I'd be lying if I said it DOESN'T have me all excited for what I WILL do tomorrow...  

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