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Art-Bit: The 8-Bit Art of Victor Dandridge

Posted On Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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The ToonSeum Goes 8-Bit With Latest Exhi-BIT!

Pittsburgh, PA- The ToonSeum, Pittsburgh’s museum of comic and cartoon
art, is going retro with their latest exhibition entitled Art-Bit: The
8-Bit Art of Victor Dandridge.

The exhibition features popular superheroes, television icons,
celebrities and more, re-imagined as 8-bit characters.

8-bit is a term used to describe the images used in the video games of the
1980’s, as popularized by the Nintendo Entertainment System. Notable
characters such as Mario, Mega Man, and Donkey Kong made their debut
in the 8-bit era.

This blocky pixilated style has become as iconic as the games
themselves and is currently playing a bit part in a digital pop art

Artist Victor Dandridge of Columbus, Ohio is at the forefront of said

Victor is an independent publisher, artist, educator and life-long
comics fan. His 8-bit art was initially a way to stand out
stylistically at comic conventions and he has gone on to create
hundreds of individual works. Victor’s debut gallery exhibition is
here, at the Toonseum!

“While it would be easy to dismiss the art as simplistic, his work is
deceivingly complex,” said ToonSeum director, Joe Wos. “A great deal
of thought goes into the choosing of the color palate and positioning
of the blocks in order to convey enough information to represent these
iconic characters.”

Joe had seen Victor’s work at a recent comic convention in Chicago.
As he observed the crowd gathered around Victor’s art, attempting to
identify the pixilated personas, he knew immediately it would make for
an engaging exhibit.

These petite prints are only the size of traditional trading cards. To
encourage the audience to engage with Victor’s unique art, the
ToonSeum has left the prints untitled allowing guests to test their
8-bit pop culture knowledge! They can then submit their guesses for a
chance to win comic and gaming-oriented prizes.

This exhibition is sponsored by Schell Games and runs through July 6th
2014. A special artist reception will be hosted on June 12th, 7pm-9pm
at the ToonSeum.

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