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Things I Love!

Posted On Thursday, January 30, 2014

From the pages of this week's edition of the Columbus Alive!

Victor Dandridge’s eyes bulged like The Hulk’s transforming muscles when the breakfast plate named after the Marvel comic character arrived during our interview this week at SuperChef’s. The meal was huge and appropriately named (two green waffles sandwich an egg, cheese, sausage and candied bacon). Other meals at the Broad Street restaurant are likewise inspired by comics, which is one reason he loves the place (he ate there twice the first day). When he’s not at SuperChef’s, he’s usually creating his own comics, like “Kinderguardians,” which is “essentially the Muppet Babies meets the Justice League,” he said. The title will be available in April at most comic shops in Columbus. These are a few of his (other) favorite things.
VladTV interviews on YouTube is a hip-hop news interview series. It’s kind of genius. It’s introduced me to a lot of different long-standing artists, and some of their ideas of music fascinate me. I was introduced to Charlamagne Tha God, a radio personality and one of the most prolific minds in terms of hip-hop culture in my opinion. It’s very interesting to hear his takes on things; he’s so brutally honest, I love it.
Big Fun in the Short North
I found this store over Christmas break, and it changed my life. It's the whole store of my childhood just sitting there — it’s dangerous. I only go in there when I absolutely don’t have anything else to do, because I could spend hours there; it’s ridiculously great. There's a picture of me laid out on the floor looking at something in the cases. My friend took a picture of it like a jerk, got me looking ridiculous spread out on the floor.
The work of Natasha Allegri
She did this thing called “Bee and PuppyCat.” It's this quirky little cartoon series that actually, I think, fits very perfectly within my wife's mind. If you were to catalog and dialogue the inner monologue of my wife, this is what it sounds like. It’s ridiculous. Everybody should take a second to check it out. Grownups will get a kick out of it. Kids will probably laugh, but the grownups will be like, “Whaa, that’s amazing!”
SuperChef’s The “Hulk”
I'm almost afraid to finish this [meal] because I know I have work to do and it’s going to put me to sleep. They put itis in their food — I tease them about that all the time. It's a different experience, which I really like as a comic book person, and I do love me some foods. I love the mix of those two things. It's amazing what they've done. It’s crazy good, and they have good music, too. How do you not like that?
They’re a very innovative source for new art and wearables. It's kind of a cool thing to see a mix of art and fashion on a local level. I've had plenty of conversations with them via Twitter, and it's really cool to have that accessibility to something so global. My store site is VIPixels; you can definitely see some of my pieces up there. I just put up some Valentine’s pieces. [Phone vibrates]And actually they just tweeted me just now, speak of the devil.
Victor Dandridge Jr.
Comic book writer/creator/publisher
Vantage:Inhouse Productions
By Justin McIntosh Columbus Alive
From the January 30, 2014 edition

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