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Posted On Friday, January 31, 2014

Some times it seems like, with all the many directions I'm being pulled on a regular basis, that I NEVER get anything done.  And then there are times where things serendipitously fall into place so well that I'm able to knock out a number of things at once!  This week happens to be one of those!

Just in time for Valentine's Day!

We're bringing back our 8bit Couples in new trading card sizes!  Featuring 24 couples from comics and beyond, you can show some love to the geek(s) in your life!
Get an assorted pack (6 for only $5) or a whole set (for only $20)!

Not a comic fan?  Want something a little more…traditional?  
We've got these awesome Valentines for you to give out!  
Get an assorted pack (6 for only $5) or all 9 cards for only $8!


Just email/Paypal to place your order!

From love to Lovecraft…!

I've been asked before to do a piece celebrating the Lovecraftian Elder-god, Cthulhu -- but you don't just jump off into something like that halfcocked!  I'm glad I waited, this one was a little difficult, but I think I kinda nailed it!  Patience is a virtue! 

**BONUS** I did it on Horror-scribe, writing maestro and my good friend Dirk Manning's birthday, so it was a super-win for the world!

You can nab this Cthulhu design on  a t-shirt EXCLUSIVELY thru our V:IPixels store on!

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