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Stepping Up & Stepping Out -- the 2014 Plan Begins NOW

Posted On Monday, December 30, 2013

Writer.  Designer.  Publisher.  Educator…I think I am a serial entrepreneur.

I've been quite fortunate over the last three years to spin my talents in these arenas into growing franchises -- each with its own standards of excellence and success.

But I want more.  

Scratch that…I want to DO more.  More with my vision, more with my voice -- more.  But the truth is, I've reached a funding cap that I just wasn't able to overcome thru the WHOLE of 2013.  But in more than a few hours time, that year will end and with it, goes its hinderances, restraints and excuses.  In 2014 --- I'm getting my legs back and the first project I'm going to KICKOFF will help seed my endeavors throughout the year!

Our first campaign:
Last summer, I began a very modest graphic t-shirt design brand called, GEEKing -- a visual celebration of the abundance of nerd-culture (i.e. "Geek") now prominent in pop awareness.  Featured on the Tumblr site and sold exclusively online through, the first collection (a total of seven designs) was finished this past fall, retailing at the average price of $36 per shirt.  

For our first campaign, we want to get you in a GEEKing shirt (featuring the crown & specs logo), but at the discounted rate of $20 (for sizes S-XL) $25 (for sizes 2X-3X) -- that's at least 30% off*!  To cover the cost of production for two projects (Ol' Crazy & the 40oz of Death/ Wonder Care), we're aiming to sell 100 shirts in the month of January!  

*Discounted price is ONLY available thru this KICKSTARTEDForever campaign -- purchases thru will be at full retail value.  

So grab a shirt, spread the word and help me get more done in 2014!!

Click on the KICKSTARTEDForever tab for more info on what our first projects will be and how to get started!

The Trouble w/Love is a 2013 S.P.A.C.E. Prize finalist!!!

Posted On Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm truly grateful to have this piece in the final runnings with A LOT of amazing comics!  A special thanks goes to Harold Edge, Ryan Carter and Jeff Balke whose contributions to this project were absolutely necessary for it's birth, but also it's success (love you guys!!!).

Shout out to everyone who submitted their work, whether it made the finalists list or not -- you're a champion just for putting your work (and by virtue, your heart and soul) out into the world!  Keep it up!

Now…having said that -- VOTE FOR THE TROUBLE W/LOVE!!!  If you were an exhibitor at this year's show, you get the throw in your two cents on which pieces you feel deserve the winners spot!  If you'd like to read TTw/L look no further than below!!!

Thanks again for the all the support thus far -- now it's time to get back in the lab to create some more!!

It's #CYBERMonday!

Posted On Monday, December 2, 2013

Vantage:Inhouse has a HEALTHY presence on the web and we're asking you to celebrate #CYBERMonday with a few V:IP purchases from our online storefronts!


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