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V:IPixels Holiday Collection

Posted On Friday, November 29, 2013

'Tis the season…FOR HOLIDAY PIXEL ART!  Celebrate the holidays with these new, holiday-inspired designs!

Available as greeting cards/ postcards/ framed art/ canvas prints/ mounted prints and more -- add a few more pixels to your gift giving this holiday season!

Find the design to fit your holiday needs EXCLUSIVELY at!

The Stars at Night...

Posted On Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm finally feeling rested enough to sit down and hackout a post on Wizard World Austin -- first let me start off by saying it was an AMAZING show!  I've never been to Austin before and it's definitely city I plan on returning to soon.  The art flair in that town is PALPABLE!!

There were LOADS of folks there, which from what they said excelled in number from the year before. Big shout out to the WizardWorld staff for OBVIOUSLY doing a knockout job on getting the word out and people in the doors!

Day One Setup!
My table was in WAAAAAAY back of the show, the last row facing the hard grey brick walls.  It gave me a chance to prove  my theory that placement at a show is absolutely relative to the energy you bring in .   I can happily say that my take was pretty darn good and that's even WITHOUT focusing on the 8 Bit Challenge (it was such a strong dynamic that I'm SERIOUSLY considering ditching it).

One of my struggles as a creator has been to find the right price point for my merchandise!  I'm a FIRM believer in not gouging for profit -- on one hand, I've held to the notion that MORE people with my work is better, subscribing to what I call the "Walmart Paradigm" (more sales at lower prices is just as lucrative as fewer sales at higher price points).  I've heard the argument time and again that shows (especially the giant ones like Wizard World) charge so much that people don't have $$ to support the artist there, so I aimed to price my work at level that wouldn't rely on people having a large influx of expendable cash.

Hob-knobbin' with Rooker!
BUUUUUUUUT…I also need to make a certain amount of money if I'm going to continue doing these shows!  I've got expenses of my own and this is VERY MUCH my job.  So, as great as my plan was, I was operating at too far of an extreme (thinking more as a fan than a business man) on how to set things up.  Thankfully, my good friends Terry and Leia Huddleston have taken me under their wing and suggested a few price points I can play with that are profitable for me, but still rather convenient for my customers (THANKS YOU GUYS!!!).

Again, my experience at the show was absolutely TREMENDOUS!  I got to turn-up and out a bit, hitting the local bar scene, kicking it with stars like Michael Rooker and Norman Reedus.  I took to the Wizard World show stage to take part in a Win-Lose or Draw competition (shout out to the other artists taking part, Nikki Forte, Matt Fillbach and Carl Reed!)

I'll definitely be back for some more fun in the Texas sun (hopefully there will be better weather next year!) in 2014!  If you've never been to Austin, it's a trip you'll never forget -- so what are you waiting for?!?!?!

Grand Opening of an Old Staple!

Posted On Monday, November 18, 2013

Over the weekend, I was counted among one of the MANY celebrating the grand opening of the NEW Billy Ireland Cartoon Research Library!  It was truly a gratifying showcase of comic history, intellectuals, enthusiasts and fans -- quite a few I've had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with throughout the year and many more I look forward to building better relationships with!

Bone - The Dragonslayer

We were certainly privileged to have quite a few prominent creators, lending their experience and voice to the attending crowd.  Hometown heroes, Jeff Smith (Bone, RASL) and Paul Pope (Batman 100, Battling Boy) were intermixed with indie incons, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez (Love & Rockets).  The creative magic they each invoked was more than worthy the $5 spot (for each showcase) it cost to hear them wax.  I definitely walked out feeling inspired and empowered!

Back at the actual museum, the creative vibe was truly ripe with ALL of the historic pieces on display!  Spanning the form of comics, strips and cartoons -- there was so much to take in!!  It's definitely on my agenda to return AND SOON!

From Love and Rockets

But for all that swirling comic love, floating through the building, there was something OBVIOUSLY MISSING!  Where were the LOCAL creators??  I say that with a flare of cheekiness -- there were CERTAINLY local creators in the building: mainstays like Bob Corby (Backpo, S.P.A.C.E.), Max Ink (Blink), Ken Eppstein (Nix Comics), Micheal Neno (The Signifiers), James Moore (Two-Headed Radio), Bryan Moss (Strange Things) and Lora Innes (The Dreamer) were on hand -- but where the other, more mainstream friendly creators??

Battling Boy

I've addressed the divide that seems to be prevalent in the local comics community here in Columbus.  It's a hard line that I've characterized -IErs and -DYers.  With the -IErs being more underground/alternative comics type, I think they're more inclined to support and be influenced by the comic strip form whereas more of the mainstream-influenced -DYers kinda shirk their worth.
If that is AT ALL the case, I'm hereby petitioning that all SEGREGATIONALIST divides cease and desist ASAP!  Just as I pointed out before, comics as a medium is not strong enough to afford such divisiveness.  And in general, we've got to do better!

Let V:IP Promote YOUR Projects!

Posted On Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Got a publishing imprint, comic series or graphical novel to promote -- LISTEN UP!

Got a website, devoted to comic book creation, news and more -- I'M TALKING TO YOU!

Got an upcoming convention or event that you want EVERYONE to know about -- THEN PEEP THIS!

We're doing our final print run for the year, to restock our inventory for the few remaining conventions of 2013, and we're offering YOU the chance to pimp your project(s)!  For $50,  you can get one, full-page -- FULL COLOR ad* included in this final batch.

That's right!  FULL page.  FULL color.  Only $50!

We've only got 11 spots to fill and the print request goes in on MONDAY (11/18/13) -- so DON'T miss out!

*Ads should be designed to fit the standard comic page template available thru

To submit, send an email confirmation, with finished ad attached to:  A Paypal invoice request will be issued using the given email address -- PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED TO BE INCLUDED.  No exceptions!!!
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