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Taking a Sec to say Hello…!

Posted On Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Man, it's been a while since I've just popped on here to just generally chat and NOT to pimp an upcoming project!  I gotta admit, I kinda miss it.  We've certainly been busy here at V:IP -- here's a quick hit list of some of the shenanigans we've been upto!

CONVENTIONS: If you've noticed, we've got a new tab at the top of the page!  We've kicked off the second half of the convention circuit already and we want to make sure you -- OUR FANS -- know when we're coming to hang out!  It's a little empty at the moment, but starting tomorrow -- it'll fill up quicker than a little bit!  For a lot of shows, we're retuning guests and we're bringing EVEN MORE awesome for you to enjoy -- for a select few, this will be our first time and we're really hoping to KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF with our growing library of comic titles, U Cre-8 Comics projects and 8 bit designs!

And speaking of 8 bits -- we're but a handful of designs away from completing our THIRD banner!  So for all who have taken the 8 Bit Challenge and won -- you'll have BRAND NEW opportunities to test your geek!!  But just because we're about to have a new banner completed DOESN'T mean we're cutting back on the 8 Bits -- how would you feel about free 8 bit artwork?  Starting in Sept, we're doing a Friday 8 bit upload, where we're taking your suggestions for 8 bit creations -- if we choose yours, then YOU get a print of that character -- FOR FREE!  One lucky winner will be selected each week, either thru our Facebook or Twitter followers list and their choice for an 8 bit will be created and showcased the following week!

On the publishing side, I've begun work on the first follow-up to last summers critical hit, The Trouble w/Love!  Titled, "Never Too Late", the story follows Apex Prime attempting to use time travel to save his late ex-wife -- but the implications of his actions will ripple across the ENTIRE Vantage:Inhouse universe.  That's right -- with this book, we tie together quite a few titles from V:IP, both released and upcoming!  I can't even tell you how excited I am for it to come!

I've been jumping at the chance for some publicity and have had a few folks graciously take me up on it.  Check out a few podcasts and interviews I've done recently and give the guys behind them some love and support!

Panels on Pages -- the great team of Tony, Thatcher and Jarred had me and Travis Fowler on for some laughs!  Sorry if we cross a line or two -- it was ALL in good fun!!

Johngy's Beat -- just a quick spot, LIVE from the con floor of WizardWorld Chicago!  Matt and John spotted my work amongst the other AMAZING artists and gave me a few minutes of their time!

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